Stating that the President wanted all of them hanging on the fridge for everyone to see, the Trump Team has taken off Barron Trump's straight-A report card from the fridge to make room for Donald's newest executive order. "I love all of them equally," said the President, visibly concerned at the prospect of any of them feeling left out. President Trump has received lots of backlash for some of his more controversial beautiful little executive action babies. "I was worried because we were running out of space on the fridge but I have the best men and they figured out a way to make it work," speaking of the removal of the 10-year-old's perfect evaluation and high-praising teacher comments.

This comes after the family photo of their trip to Abu Dhabi and Melania's beloved childhood magnet from Slovenia were taken down due to the same issue. "I am very proud of my husband and his achievements," the First Lady comments from an undisclosed location, "so of course I will give him all the support and attention that he wants, craves, and/or lusts after." Reports say the White House is looking into buying multiple fridges in anticipation of the executive actions to come.