So if you're a book lover like me you never pass up an opportunity to poke your head into a Barnes & Noble. They are the ultimate mecca for bookies everywhere. Even if you're not a book person I'm sure there is something you can find that you love there. The following is a list of why Barnes & Noble is the best place ever.

1. The staff are super nice.

I feel like you can strike up a conversation with any employee at Barnes & Noble and leave with a super new best friend. They compliment your purchases and make you feel super cool.

2. They have a bangin' variety to choose from.

I don't know about you guys but I'm a manga lover, and I wouldn't choose any other book retailer to feed my addiction to Japanese culture. Not only that, they have everything from humor to politics to toys and games to CDs and Vinyl.

3. COFFEE!'s Starbucks coffee to boot! Plus you can get sandwiches and sweets there too! They also have pretty nice seating areas where us college peoples can work on their homework or just chill with the crew.

4. Great kids events.

This has two great purposes. 1. To entertain your child. 2. To let you roam the store childfree. But seriously they do events like this one with characters and such for the kids and they also do reading circles. It's just so nice to see them caring about kids in the community, especially when some have a tough home life and this is their only way to get out to have fun.

5. Most are architecturally different.

This one is so cool! I've literally never seen a Barnes & Noble like this before.

This is the standard Barnes & Noble look, but it's classic and beautiful.

This one has three floors! THREE FLOORS! Need I say more?!

This one looks like its attached to a mall or something, but it's still neat because they have to fit all those books in much less space.