You Need To Brunch At NYC's Banter

You Need To Brunch At NYC's Banter

Banter is Greenwich Village's latest local Australian cafe.

Australian cafes have been popping up all over New York City in the past few years. The invasion of these vary between a quick cappuccino spot to a sit-down brunch. No matter the set-up, an Aussie café could quickly become one of your go-to spots in NYC. Some of the most notable include Two Hands, Bluestone Lane Collective Café, and Little Collins, all known for their incredible and Insta-worthy avo toast.

Enter Banter, Greenwich Village’s latest obsession in a sunny spot on Sullivan Street. Aussie natives and former Two Hands employees Nick Duckworth and Josh Evans opened Banter just this February, and it keeps ending up on my Instagram feed. A beautiful Tuesday in mid-May called for the perfect opportunity to check it out with a friend.

Around 2 p.m. the restaurant wasn’t crowded, but not empty either. Bustling at a comfortable pace is the best way I can think to describe it. A small outdoor seating area with wide open doors lets in a light breeze and plenty of natural light, making it immediately clear why Banter is an Insta dream. The menu is deceivingly extensive, extending past the typical Aussie coffee bar that you might be used to. Familiarly (and obviously), avocado toast makes the list, but the Nutella French Toast and Fried Chicken Burger set this apart from the simple coffee bar and make it a full-blown restaurant. Additionally, a full liquor license allows the addition of bloody marys and mimosas to the menu, so we’re already on the right track to a prime weekday brunch spot (and we haven’t even eaten yet.)

I couldn’t pass up the Chia Pudding Bowl, while my friend was obsessed with the sound of the Golden Folded Eggs, which came alongside herb smashed peas, prosciutto, a greens salad, smashed avo, and fresh chilli. Oh, baby! We didn’t wait long for it to arrive (major plus), but I would have waited longer because it was so delicious. Fresh berries topped my pudding bowl, and even though it looks small, it was definitely filling. The plate across from me was completely full, and I never doubted it was worth the $15.

We spent more time than necessary basking in the ambiance of it all; the lightness of the décor, the plants sprucing up the indoors with greenery, the Australian accents of our servers, and the two guys two tables over from us who were definitely famous for something.

I will definitely be back again to taste more of the menu, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a newer place to try in the Village. Here’s to hoping it will stay a secret for just a little while longer, only so we don’t have to wait for a table!

Cover Image Credit: Banter NYC

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13 Snacks That Take Us Back To The Early 2000s, AKA The Lunchbox Days

Childhood snacks that we all remember.

The lunchbox days: ya know, the times in which you packed your pail to the brim for school lunch, field trips, summer camp, road trips, and other similar endeavors. The lunchbox days were the good 'ol days.

But, as you got older, and as yummy childhood snacks came and went, you forgot about the foods you once loved. Maybe you find yourself munching on your childhood favorites every now and then? Maybe it takes you back to the glorious lunchbox days?

Check out these 13 early 2000, childhood snacks and see if they were once your favorites:

1. Ice Pops

Usually enjoyed after a long day at the pool. It was so much fun pushing the melted juice up.

2. Fun Dip

Maybe you won these at an arcade?

3. Lunchables

Yes. Just yes.

Remember the hot dog ones?

4. Dunk-a-Roos

One of the greatest childhood desserts EVER.

5. Trix Yogurt

"Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!"

6. Fruit Roll-Ups (preferably the ones that left tattoos)

The super long ones were fabulous, too.

7. Gushers

Still eat these today?

8. Kid's Cuisine

I always ate the pudding first.

9. GoGurt

All of the cool kids ate these at lunchtime.

10. Capri Sun


11. Cheese Puffs

A childhood, go-to snack.

12. Crackers dipped in cheese

Pretty sure I ate these every day.

13. Uncrustables

Did anyone else peel the crinkly part?

Most of these snacks are still around! Go buy them and enjoy!

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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Frozen Pizzas Review Pt.2

" 'Now the party don't start 'til I walk in'...with the pizza," (from the song Tik Tok by Kesha)

Birthdays? Parties? Friday night Netflix Movie Night?

Pizza is mostly likely going to be there to get the party started. A few weeks ago I reviewed three frozen pizzas and scoring them on a 1-10 scale based on taste and texture (1 being the worst, 10 being the best). This week I'm back reviewing another 3 frozen pizzas on a 1-10 scale to help you pick out a pizza next time you're at the grocery store in the pizza aisle.

***Disclaimer: Toppings might influence the taste of pizza, and I did not stick with one topping for each pizza, the list will include the brand of pizza and the topping that I tried it with***

****The order the pizzas appear are not influenced by my scoring of the pizzas****

1. Jack's Original Thin Crust (Pepperoni)

It's been a while since I tried this pizza, but I decided to include it anyway. Every time I see this pizza, I get a flashback of seven year old me walking through a grocery store with my mother and asking her if we can buy it. This was my go-to after-school snack, and I would eat the whole pizza without even thinking twice. I didn't mind that the crust was thin, and unlike some pizzas where the crust is inedible, this crust didn't taste that bad. If my seven-year-old self was to rate this pizza, I would give it a 9/10.

2. Red Baron (Classic Crust Pepperoni)

Red Baron is the type of pizza that is your back-up, if you are unwilling to get any other pizza this is the safety net of pizzas. The cheese is not stringy, the sauce is not spicy or overpowering, and the crust is crunchy. The pepperoni adds the savory taste to the pizza. It's the type of pizza that won't blow you away with its taste, but won't make you avoid it either, I score it a 6.5/10.

3. Totino's Pizza Rolls (Pepperoni)

Totino's Pizza Rolls is not exactly a stereotypically pizza, it might be argued that it considered a snack, but contains similar ingredients that belong on a pizza. It's a pizza bite packed into a..bite.

For the most part, I tend to burn myself after taking the first bite. Totino's Pizza Rolls doesn't leave you with a long satisfying taste after eating it. Although the best part is the inside (the pepperoni), the outer layer could be better by not being so dry, I give it a 6/10.

These are my opinions when it comes to reviewing pizzas, obviously personal preference has to be factored in when trying these pizzas. However, next time you are in a grocery store, try out different pizza brands and topping combinations.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay, CC0 License

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