FSU's Greek Life Ban Shouldn't Be What Makes Us Realize There's A Problem

FSU's Greek Life Ban Shouldn't Be What Makes Us Realize There's A Problem

Did we not learn anything from Max Gruver's death at LSU?

On Wednesday, September 13, 2017, LSU lost a student, the Gruver family lost a son, many lost a friend, but the Louisiana State University Phi Delta Theta chapter didn't lose a brother — they were charged in connection to his death. With that being said, we should have learned a lesson and by we, I mean Greek affiliated members across the nation, but apparently, we didn't.

On November 3, 2017, at about 10:30 in the morning, a Pi Kappa Phi pledge was found unconscious about a mile away from campus. No one searched for him on Thursday night, no one realized he was missing. That is ridiculous. Andrew Coffey is another victim of negligence and ignorance, and it's about time that we get educated on alcohol consumption.

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Coffey, raised in south Florida, was a 20-year-old Florida State University student whose life was taken from him far too early. He decided to pledge Pi Kappa Phi, but little did he know it would be one of the last things he would ever decide to do. His family and friends didn't get to say goodbye.

They expected to see and talk to him on Friday just as they did every day, they expected everything to be like normal, to wake up and go on with their days. Coffey expected to wake up on Friday, go to his classes and go to the football game on Saturday. He got all of that ripped away from him at the young age of 20. Max Gruver expected to do the same back in September.

Neither of the young men expected college to be their last experience. We shouldn't know either of their names because neither situation should have happened.

Following Coffey's death, Florida State University President John Thrasher announced the ban on all Greek organizations. Thrasher recognized the problem and did what he thought would be the best solution. Thrasher shouldn't have had to do this, but it seems to be the only plausible solution. It seems no one learned anything from Gruver's passing.

College students aren't being taught signs of alcohol poisoning, we are being trusted to know our limits right off the bat when in reality, college is the first time most of us drink or at least drink regularly. This would be OK if we were being taught how to watch for signs of alcohol poisoning. It’s become a contest between students to see who can drink more and that’s such a dangerous game. It’s a game that some might say is just as dangerous as Russian roulette.

Signs of alcohol poisoning:

· Slow breathing

· Vomiting

· Unconsciousness

· Pale/blue-tinged skin

· Low body temperature

Above are just a few signs of alcohol poisoning, but when a majority of young college students see these signs, we pass it off by saying, “Oh she/he is just too drunk, just don’t let them drink anything else” or worse, we get them to drink more, especially when it comes to the vomiting.

The phrase “puke and rally” has become one that is often used by college-aged students because we would rather keep going than stopping. We haven’t stopped to think that our bodies are telling us to stop. We’re ignoring it because we don’t want to stop having “fun.” I say that in quotations because drinking until we puke has become the ideal form of fun in college and that’s a problem.

Florida State shouldn’t have to ban Greek life to get the point across. No school should.

But it seems that that is the only solution at this moment in time. The ban is the only way to get people to wake up and realize that there is a problem and it needs a solution. President Thrasher popped the bubble we’ve all been living in. He stated the problem and he stated his solution. As harsh as it sounds it was more than necessary.

Being a member of the Greek community used to be something that was praised, it was an honor and a privilege but due to recent events, it’s becoming taboo.

It is something that people are ashamed of being because no one wants to be associated with an organization that tries to erase problems rather than fixing them. Parents don’t want to spend the money for their kids to be a part of an organization that has been in the headlines of newspapers and programs for negative reasons. This is coming from someone who is a current member of a Greek community.

So to the thousands of Greek communities across the nation, please teach your members the signs of alcohol poisoning. Teach them to call for help if you notice someone in distress rather than just letting them lie there. Every minute that someone is unconscious counts. Every second that goes by is another second closer to potential death.

To the parents and guardians of teenagers and young adults, please teach your kids that they shouldn’t be afraid to call 911 if they think someone is in danger. It’s better to get a ticket for underage drinking than the possibility of death or permeant damage.

To the parents of kids who within Greek communities, please remind them that it’s OK to walk away from an organization that is causing potential harm.

With that being said, please also remember that not all Greek organizations/communities are like FSU and LSU. Going Greek can be such an amazing thing, it’s something you should be proud to be a part of. It’s an honor and a privilege as long as it’s continuing to be a safe environment.

Hopefully, the ban on Greek life at FSU has taught us a few things.

Because if it hasn’t, I really don’t know what would.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Coffey and Gruver families.

Fly high Max and Andrew.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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How To Have a Safe and Memorable Prom 2018

The season is upon us

Spring is upon us and it is the time of year where high school boys and girls go out of their way to plan the perfect night. But what constitutes the perfect night for a 16 and 17 year old? Well, it always depends on the person, but I can definitely say there are only a few ways to guarantee safety and a good time. Prom is a rite of passage and should be treated as such.

Keep communication open. When you are going out as a group of teenagers, your parents tend to want to know where you are and what you are doing. This is not a ploy for control, but better yet a way to make sure you stay safe and come home alive. We live in a world where getting 'lit' is more important than maintaining a level of responsibility. So in short, keep your parental units updated on any change of plans or locations for the night.

Do not drink underage. Seriously, you can have a good time without alcohol. Don't spike the punch or try to bring in flasks. This for one is illegal but also unsafe. Some people drive themselves to and from and unsuspecting patrons would not take kindly to a DUI or death of anyone else. This includes the use of drugs. Just do not do it.

Go as a group. If you are trying to decide whether or not to go stag, with a date, or in a group, I highly suggest going as a group. You can always ditch the dance and go bowling after a few songs anyway. As long as you remember to remind your parental units. You will make many memories and save tons of money carpooling

Eat light before the dance. You do not want to be feeling sick while getting down at the dance, or want your clothes feeling tight and uncomfortable. After all you just spent a fortune on that dress and your makeup took forever. Eat light and non messy. Then after the dance IHOP or Waffle House, whatever after prom tradition you have to live.

Do not let petty drama ruin your night. Prom is a very important night but it can sometimes turn into a teenage drama fest if you let some things get to you. Have a good tie being you and having a good time with your friends.

No one can promise a perfect night, but you can always have a good time with what is given to you. So go out, be free, have a fantastic time and remember: BE SAFE.

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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