There is not quite a contemporary artist like Banksy. Banksy uses his graffiti as a means to draw attention to things that matter. He is a political activist, and though his artwork may be controversial, it is his controversy that he stirs that has caught the eye of many people since the 1990s.

Banksy made a mark in the world of artistry in Bristol’s underground scene. Although Banksy’s identity has never been revealed, his art continues to inspire generations today. Here are some of his most remarkable paintings.

1. "Let them eat crack."

This is one of his bigger artworks that was done on the side of a building in SoHo. What was Banksy's purpose? This piece was an attack on the workers of Wall Street who are more concerned about their wants than the lower and middle classes needs.

2. "Mobile Lovers"

Banksy's main point in this piece is that as people part of a generation that is consumed with technology, we would much rather pay attention to our phones than our loved ones. Technology has consumed all we are.

3. "Cheltenham Banksy"

This artwork also dubbed "Spy Booth" might relate to the fact that we are all being watched. When we are on the phone or on social media, the government is watching us.

4. "The Son of a Migrant from Syria"

This is one of Banksy's most recent pieces graffiti. "The Son" is located in the Calais Jungle near a Syrian refugee camp. Yes, that is Steve Jobs. Fun fact: If you are opposed to Syrian immigrants, just know that Steve's dad was a migrant to the United States. If his dad hadn't come over, we wouldn't have had Apple.

5. "Balloon Girl"

"Balloon Girl" inspires many people that you must always look on the bright side and hope that everything will be OK. This is the only way we continue to motivate ourselves.

6. "Slave Labour"

This particular artwork is aimed at the child labor that was used during the 2012 London Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee.

7. "Dismaland"

You can actually visit this theme park made by Banksy. The sad part is that it is located in the United Kingdom. Check out the video here!