It seems as if we continue to travel back in time when it comes to fashion and trends. Recently, neon colors and ski jackets reminiscent of the 80s have been incredibly popular among the more ~creative~ students here at USC. Along with bolder clothing, hairstyles too are beginning to dip their toes in the water of boldness. Colors, bleach, frosted tips, and most notably, classic curtain bangs have re-entered the picture. Recently, there has been a spike in the number of girls fitting the aesthetic I like to call "soft goth". This aesthetic entails a mixture of dewy skin, clunky shoes, a lot of black, and oftentimes, wispy bangs. I have found that I have fallen victim to this trend and I too have re-entered bangs territory. As it may seem incredibly tempting, I am here to provide a few essential tips before making the bold step and converting to the full vintage aesthetic. As a bangs veteran who has sported the look for more than half of my life, I can safely say they are not always easy but they are timelessly cute. The negatives first:

1. Prepare to be annoyed.  Sometimes.

My new bangs: 2019 version.

Not going to lie. Bangs are incredibly bothersome. I find most of the time I am either pulling them back fully or swiping miscellaneous hairs out of my eyes. While the longer, wispy look is typically the goal and the trend today, it no doubt becomes a little annoying. Above, you can see me with my new look, sporting a soft smile thinking I am just the cutest, softest most emo girl out there. However, as you can see my left eye experienced a world of pain as the bottom pieces of my hair were poking the surface of my eyeball. I look cute but I did not feel cute after involuntarily crying from optical discomfort. You have been warned. While the aesthetic is complete and I absolutely adore the look, having lengthier bangs often leads to them blowing into your eyes when outside or exercising.

How to solve this issue? Bring butterfly clips or bobby pins along with you on windy days or to the gym! They pull the hair from your eyes and avoid creasing.

2. You will look 10 years older one day and 10 years younger the next.

Younger me looking like a child in Paris. I was 16. Photographed: July 2016

Bangs are an enigma. They suit some people and surprise others. They can also age you 10 years and make you look like a mother of three or take you back to your high school or middle school days. As I mentioned before, I have had my fair share of years with bangs. I had them from when I grew hair to when I was 9, and from when I was 15 to when I was 17, and just got them back at 19. I was unfortunate when I was 16 that my stylist made them a little too ~thicc~. They were short, chunky and made me look like I was about 11 years old. Granted at the time I was not skilled in the makeup or style department, I still looked incredibly immature and frankly, a little messy. However. Now that my hair has sufficient layers, I feel much more put together. I am also much more confident and skilled in styling my hair and myself to appear more mature and sophisticated. Bangs are truly what you make them. You can make yourself look younger if that is desirable or you can age yourself in order to appear like you have your life together by wearing proper clothing and styling your hair to a shorter style to match the layers.

3. Have fun with them!

While bangs can be a pain, they are honestly incredibly liberating and just fun. Enjoy them! Style your hair, embrace your vintage aesthetic, pair them with a neon pink quarter zip and time-travel back a couple decades just because you can.

Remember. It is hair. It will grow back! If you decide to take the leap and hate them, they are fairly easy to grow out. But that's a topic for an entirely different article. I hope I helped you decide if you will also convert to this new aesthetic, or convince you all that bangs are definitely in again. I love the look, and nearly everyone (the two people) I convinced to join me on the bang journey loved it too. Best of luck out there to my newly bangin' friends!