12 Signs You're a Band Nerd

Are you in a band? Good. But, it's not enough. For one, you have to be passionate about playing in your band. On top of that, you'd have to know a LOT of band repetoire. There are more qualifications before you can call yourself a band nerd as well. If you think you're a band nerd, see if the following applies to you:

1. You can’t pick a favorite song.

There’s a plethora of music that you have played or heard, and you love a very select few of them because each song has facets that gets you every time. Because of this, you always have more than one favorite song, and you can’t pick The One.

2. You’ll be willing to play a 15-minute piece for just that one measure.

Maybe one piece (or more) made it into your personal favorites, but only because there’s that one measure that you are absolutely obsessed with, or because you get to play as darn loud as you can.

3. You have strong opinions about arrangements of piece.

Either you love it or you hate it, you always find yourself criticizing the compositions and arrangements of pieces. Either it’s too repetitive, too boring, or too corny… However you want to criticize it.

4. You play the geekiest games.

You and your band mates have one or more games that you play involving band pieces or your instruments. They’re always so nerdy, and you’d have to have a thorough knowledge of band repertoire to remotely understand what is going on.

5. You have strong love (or a strong lack thereof) of particular band sections.

Admit it. You will always support your own instrument section. Whether it be the tuba section, the trombone section, or the trumpet section – the lower brasses or the upper brasses – you will unite in support of your own band sections.

6. You always think your instrument is the best.

This goes with number 5, but you will always defend your instrument. No matter what.

7. But you always wished you played another instrument.

Yes, you’ll defend your instrument, but deep within you also wish that you had played that one other instrument. You secretly hold back against roasting that other band section.

8. You get band pieces stuck in your head.

Oh man. Especially those corny pieces that gets stuck in your head. Without realizing you’re doing it, you’ll be humming the tunes. Every. Single. Time.

9. You definitely have interesting stories.

An integral part of band nerding is that you will definitely have interesting stories. Whether it be stories of someone doing something dumb, someone’s amazing prank (gone wrong), or just funny mishaps, stories will emerge and you will remember them dearly. Guaranteed.

10. You prefer particular performances of a music more than the other.

Yup. Usually these recordings include performances by the International Staff Band, New York Philharmonic, the Black Dyke Band, etc.

11. You have a particular bandsmen that you don’t like.

It happens. Eventually, one member of the band gets on your nerves a few too many times, and you end up disliking that person. That person could very well be a creeper, or a super bad player who can’t take criticism, or an obnoxious player.

12. You get excited over quartets and duets made for your instrument.

A four-part compilation of John Williams’ pieces? A trombone quartet piece? Well, SIGN ME UP. It’s great to bond with other bandsmen through the music that all of you are playing. You get on some deep level and memorable camaraderie time.

So, there you have it. The list above has been band-nerd-approved. If the majority of these apply to you, then you're probably a band nerd.

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