Baked In Color: "The Happiest Cookies On Earth"
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Baked In Color: "The Happiest Cookies On Earth"

This classic treat with a colorful twist guarantees smiles.

Baked In Color: "The Happiest Cookies On Earth"
Photo by @Bakedincolor on Instagram

Recognized by Food Network, Refinery 29, Spoon University, and Insider Food, these cookies are beyond the cookie-cutter. Founder of Baked in Color Julie Waxman has revamped the classic chocolate chip cookie into a colorful phenomenon.

Waxman paves the way for entrepreneurs who also want to add color into the market, as she has 20 years of experience in retail and merchandising. In 2016, she left her job in corporate retail and became an innovator in the colorful dessert market by introducing her rainbow chocolate chip cookies. Waxman's story was recently featured in an Entreprenista interview, where she shared her process of growing her brand.

Why A Woman Left Her Job At Saks To Run A Cookie Business

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting life as we know it, people especially need color to brighten up their lives. Baked in Color, with an easy way to order online on, helps lift the spirits of customers all around the country. "Now more than ever, everyone could use some joy and our treats are guaranteed to bring smiles," Waxman said. "Nationwide shipping allows our customers to send our delicious and beautiful treats to all of their loved ones."

Waxman proudly calls her cookies the "Happiest Cookies on Earth," and her loyal customers agree. One testimonial on her website reads, "I have ordered 4 or 5 times from Baked in Color and it is awesome each time. We can't help but to keep coming back for more." With a large array of colors to choose from, customers can always find something fresh and new from Baked in Color.

So what makes customers keep coming back to Baked in Color? It's the wow factor you get each time from opening up the color-filled box to tasting the mouth-watering treats for yourself. It's not just a cookie, it's an experience.

Beyond the original rainbow cookies, the brand breaks dessert barriers with products like cookie cakes, brookies and brookie cakes, all made in classic Baked in Color style. These desserts light up any occasion, and custom colors add a personal feel.

What's YOUR favorite color!? 🥰🌈✨ #greenscreen #NobodyNeedsToKnow #GreekFreakOut #FashionEssentials #TooManyShoes

Even in the midst of the pandemic, Baked in Color still thrived by providing sweet treats for at-home celebrations like virtual graduations, weddings and b'nai mitzvahs. All year long, there's a Baked in Color treat for every occasion; the rainbow cookies and heart shaped cookie cakes proved perfect for Pride Month, and holiday colored treats brought a warm and festive feel to the holiday season. Waxman and the Baked in Color Crew even collaborated with Corey Paige designs to create a Baked in Color Car, which Santa (wearing a mask and gloves) traveled in to deliver cookies during the Christmas season.

When it comes to college students, the ability to customize cookies to your school colors makes the brand especially popular in the college market. They're perfect for bed decorating pictures, and many incoming freshmen send these college-colored cookies to their future roommates as a getting-to-know-you gift.

Waxman said in her Entreprenista interview that "... the huge demand for rainbow and specialty 'feel good' online food products has driven record breaking sales months, our largest since the launch of May 2016." Baked in Color continues to spread positivity with vibrant branding on social media, adding color and joy into people's feeds.

Connect with Baked In Color by following them on Instagram @bakedincolor and TikTok @bakedincolor!

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