10 Ways To Be A Badass Woman
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If You're A Badass Woman, Start Doing These 10 Things



Recently I went to a study away class in Washington D.C. and it was full of some amazing women, who all were studying different aspects of women in leadership. We spent the week meeting amazing women, traveling to revolutionary organizations, and reflecting on all the untouched issues that many women face in all different sectors of the world. I learned a few things, and if you know me you know I love sharing the wealth.

To be a badass, start doing these badass things:

1. Remember you're a badass!


Whether you know it or not... YOU FREAKING ROCK.

2. Don't sell yourself short!

Women typically value themselves 20% less than men, which is actually ridiculous. You're worth every cent that a man is, if not more...

3. Channel Amelia Shepherd, and power pose!

Men tend to make themselves bigger in things like business meetings, while women tend to make themselves smaller. STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! Take up the space you deserve. Make sure people know you're there and that your presence is important.

4. Don't hate on men!


Many executive roles are men, so instead of hating them try and help them become allies to us! If they're allies, then they can help us advance instead of continuing to hold us back.

5. Surround yourself with "space carvers."

My parents always told me that when you get into a place of power, you need to carve out space for others. I realize the privilege I hold being white, and I have learned to use that as a tool for helping others succeed. Surround yourself with people of all different races, cultures, religions, and identities. Also, surround yourself with other people who want to bring that same diversity and inclusivity to the space.

Being around the same people gets boring anyway.

6. Do everything intentionally.

Give credit where credit is due. Women tend to say they got lucky, but there's a 100% chance they did something intentional to get there. Be intentional. Everything you do has to have a purpose, a better purpose.

7. Be open to career changes.


I used to believe that you had to have the same job forever, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Practice knowing that things change, you change, and life changes. A job may be the perfect fit for a couple years, but it's okay when the day comes that it isn't. There are so many jobs out there in your field, and in different ones, so take a risk and jump.

A wise woman once told me that life is like a train station. You're on a platform and there are trains going all over. Just get off the platform. Choose a train/destination. It's okay if that train takes you somewhere you don't like, but more likely it'll take you somewhere great. And the train always runs, so you can always hop back on. Just jump.

8. Take care of yourself.

You can't pour from an empty cup. You're not doing anybody a favor when you don't take care of yourself. Changing the world can't happen when you let yourself go.

So take that nap. Eat that sundae. Go for a walk. Buy a coloring book from the dollar store. Take care of yourself, no matter how often you need it.

9. Ask people out for coffee (or to sit at a coffee shop with you).

Get to know people. Knowing people can get you many places, whether people believe it or not. Google "informational interviews" and ask a coworker out to coffee. Ask them how they got to where they are, what skills they couldn't live without, and anything else you're interested in.

10. Stop asking permission.

My dad always taught me that it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. Just do it, because you're going to most likely do it anyway.

You're a badass woman. Be an unapologetic badass, building bridges wherever you go. Don't apologize for the you that you are, just keep f**king shit up until your life is exactly how you want it to be. Good luck my loves!

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