Whether you're getting laid, making love or just using your hand, we all know the painful truth - sex isn't worth the hype it's given. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's because of college culture but the idea of being pounded doesn't pound through my mind.

I get it, everyone wants that orgasm. The big O.

You know the one I'm talking about, the ones you see on TV. No one is going to deny the chance to have a life-changing orgasm, I mean we all have to satisfy our animal needs somehow.

However, let's all be real here, those life-changing moments are few and far between. Those sexy times our parents covered our eyes for in movies are not what real life is like and frankly, real sex is usually awkward.

Even in longterm relationships, where you know each other's bodies, the moment sometimes seems strange. Every once in a while you just can't climax and while an orgasm isn't the end goal for all, we all know the primal reason for sex is to reach that leg shaking moment.

Now, let's talk about that spicy sex.

That's sex with toys. Anyone who's walked into a sex store or watched porn knows there are approximately a million toys to be used in bed. From anal beads to cock rings, it's all fun and does help create those wonderful sensations we're all looking for.

Somehow the situation still isn't as great as it may seem on the big screen. There that awkward moment of asking to use those items, buying those items and figuring out what those items really do and really is that end goal worth that money and hassle?

Now I know what you're thinking:

Clearly, this lady hasn't had good sex.

Maybe I haven't but also, maybe I'm just honest. I've had great sex and I've had horrible sex but all in all it was pretty much the same. I've had those hookups and I've been in a long-term relationship and while there is a difference between those two, still the sex is not worth the hype.

You're also thinking that if I find it awkward to buy sex toys, I shouldn't be having sex or using toys. We both know that it was strange buying a vibrator for the first time. We've all been young and adventurous. So now let's start being honest about sex.

Future employers and parents, I'm sorry if all this scares you but we all know it's true. Let's be real with our kids and remember safe sex is the best sex!