How to be a bad a** boss lady

For the past four years now I have been working for myself as an independent contractor. I am currently contracted to 11 different places and on any given day I can be traveling to 3-5 of the locations; every single week I am at all 11 places. Yes, tax time is a pain and my gas bill every week is probably a little bit more than the average adult human. But, I wouldn't trade calling the shots for anything. So here are five ways you can become a boss ass bitch.

1, Confidence is key

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Working for yourself means you have to stand up for yourself. CLients will want to and will try to walk all over you....even future employers will want to try and walk about you. So, once you have a policy stand your ground and don't back down!

2. Know your STUFF

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Try to be up to date on all the new and exciting information and if you feel like you don't know the updated info, than just be honest and look it up!

3. Know your place

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Even though the customer is always right....they are technically almost always wrong, but treat them like they are right. Your customers are how you are able to stay in business and are the reason you are KEEP THEM HAPPY!!!

4. Organized Chaos

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Make sure you know where your paperwork and information is.....even if you are an organized chaotic need to know where the paperwork, billing, and all the information of your business is!


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Remind yourself that at the end of the day that you're loving what you do and you are so happy with everyday that you can work for yourself!

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