Have you ever wondered if you're future husband would be like any popular TV characters? Well Hannah B. From The Bachelorette seems to have done just exactly that because all four of her remaining men have doppelgangers in personality with many popular characters we all know and love.

1. Peter the Pilot... Phoebe from Friends


Peter the pilot is known to be overly positive and trying to see the light in every thing. He is generally a happy guy among all of the drama. Phoebe is the girl in Friends that despite what is going on in the friend group, she sings her songs and tries to remain the mediator.

2. Tyler C... Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries


Tyler C. has become known to be the most attractive guy of the group. He gives Hannah B. that look that makes her heart melt. Despite his extremely good looks, he also seems to care greatly with his big heart, much like the stud Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries.

3. Luke P...Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl


Luke P., oh Luke P. He stole Hannah B's heart very early on with his tempting words and his confidence in that every person likes him, he's never had that problem. Like early season Chuck Bass he wants Blair Waldorf and he is prepared to do whatever he can to get her.

4. Jed... Andy Bernard from The Office


Like Andy Bernard from The Office, Jed kind of stays out of the drama because he doesn't seem to have much of a malicious side. He's kind of in it for his music and for his personal relationship with Hannah B.

As the final weeks are approaching for Hannah B. and the boys, maybe she should do her TV research before giving out that final rose.