Bachelor Breakdown: 'Don't Let Her Go'
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Bachelor Breakdown: 'Don't Let Her Go'

An Odyssey panel discussion of "The Bachelor" season 24 finale, part one, episode 11.

Bachelor Breakdown: 'Don't Let Her Go'

If you've been watching this season of "The Bachelor," you likely have A LOT of thoughts already. And you're not alone.

We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this week's Monday night episode and let's just say their opinions are as enthusiastic as Barbara Weber's tears.

Home To Mama

On a scale from 1 – 10, how impressed were you with Hannah Ann while she met Peter's family?

Michael – I wasn't impressed, because it's what we've come to expect from Hannah Ann. She is a straight-A bachelor contestant, who always says the right thing and goes with the flow, even if that flow is her constant stream of tears.

Keely – I would give Hannah Ann an eight out of 10. Considering that she hadn't met Peter's parents beforehand — as opposed to Madison — I think Hannah did fairly well. Hannah was at an advantage though because she and Peter's relationship has been more smooth sailing compared to Madison and Peter. She didn't have nearly as much pressure as Madison did though which would make meeting the parents considerably easier or harder depending on the context.

Liv – I give Hannah Ann a solid 10 out of 10 for her meeting with Peter's family. I think she's a really well-spoken girl and had her ducks in a row on exactly what to say to Peter's parents. She gushed about how much she loved him for the full discussion. Clearly that's all Peter's family was looking for, especially based on the other conversation they had with Madi, I digress. But Hannah Ann saw the soft spot of gushing over their son and she hit it hard, and it worked because they ate it all right up.

Taylor – I would say about a six. It didn't impress me much, but it also didn't not impress me. I had very neutral feelings. Overall, I just felt like we were missing something… Barb was 100 percent Team Hannah Ann since the second she walked in and Peter was holding her weirdly and I just didn't understand. She said some really sweet things to Peter's dad, but as a whole, the experience didn't feel "special" to me and if I recall correctly, Barb loved Madi during their first meeting as well.

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive

Do you think Peter has handled his conversations with Madison post-fantasy suites well? If you were in Madison's shoes, would you be as forgiving?

Michael – I think it's the rare case where neither of them really owe each other any kind of apology. Madison is entitled to feel how she feels, and Peter was entitled to make the decisions that he made. They were both honest with each other, and now they're living in that reality. It seems like they almost pushed through that wall of "Peter slept with Hannah Ann but still wants to pick Madison" but Madison couldn't quite get there — yet.

Keely – Peter knows he messed up. He is doing everything in his power to win Madison back to his heart. Madison expressed her feelings and values, he ignored what she said, and it ultimately changed the trajectory of their relationship. Peter could have said anything to Madison after the fantasy suite and still wouldn't have been able to pacify her concerns. I would not be as forgiving if I was Madison.

Liv – I think last night's conversation was Peter's best. He really worked hard to listen to Madison without just saying stuff to make her happy. He gave her some push back while being empathetic, I just think sometimes when Peter talks it comes off verrryyyyy juvenile and whiney. I think Madison deserves the world and am so proud that she stuck to her beliefs and standards even to Peter's parents. If I were Madison I would be feeling just as stuck and hurt because digesting everything in such a short period of time cannot be easy. I would be forgiving if I knew I could get to the point of fully forgiving and growing from it, but not if it was going to be something that ate away at me for years.

Taylor – In my opinion, Peter's conversations with Madison have been productive, calm, and mature because Madison led them. If she hadn't, I don't think they would have even made it this far. If I were in her shoes, I could see myself really trying to forgive and understand, but at the end of the day, I don't know that I would be able to move forward either. I think her trying to work it out was a tough thing to do, but her realizing it wasn't something he could fix and staying true to herself made her even stronger.

"She's Not There For You"

What did you think of the way Peter's mom handled meeting Madison. Did she have a right to tell him who to be with?

Michael – Oh, Barb. What a cliche lioness you are. All I can say is my mom is a mother of two sons, and Barb's behavior was probably the most realistic thing I've seen on this show yet. She was super dramatic about it, but her underlining compass of favoring the girl who thinks her son is perfect over the girl who has some reservations about her son totally checks out.

Keely – In my opinion, Peter's mom had her mind made up about Madison and is obviously not in favor for Peter to choose Madison. I found that Peter's mom was accusatory and blamed Madison for giving Peter an ultimatum when she really just expressed her thoughts to Peter. Peter's mom sees that Peter and Madison are on different levels in reference to their faith, and Peter's mom is fearful that Peter will abandon his true character and convert to being religious in order to appease and make Madison happy. In the end, his mother did not have a right to tell him who to be with.

Liv – BARB. I am not happy with Barb. I understand that as a mother, you are going to be protective. But the way she came at Madi comparing Peter's single lifestyle to Madison's more reserved, religious one was almost mean. She was talking like she was shaming Madi for this "ultimatum" she gave Peter which was not cool at all. You could tell Madison was a little offended and got defensive because at that point, she needed to stand up for herself. Barb backed her into a damn corner. Barb did not take Madi into consideration as the other half of the relationship and was focused on only Peter. Barb had NO right to sob to Peter telling him that Madi wasn't right for him and that he's supposed to be with Hannah Ann. The moment we were waiting for all season was extremely maddening. Peter, no matter how many times he screws up, deserves to have a clear mind on deciding who he wants to be with forever, not thinking about his sobbing mother basically begging him to be with a woman who isn't the one he wants.

Taylor – I'm sure Barb's intentions were a lot better than her execution, but overall... big YIKES. The situation was not handled correctly or appropriately because her emotions got the best of her and that was really tough to watch. It's one thing for her to give her opinion and then let him make his own choice from there, it's another thing to try to lead him into making the decision she wanted him to make. I really can't get over how she was trying to convince him he was "confused" and would be making a "mistake" if he didn't listen to her.

Gotta Go Her Own Way

Did Madison make the right decision by leaving?

Michael – Of course. What else would we do with our Tuesday night if she didn't???

Keely – Yes, Madison made the right decision by leaving. She is remaining true to her core values and beliefs which is highly commendable. The writing is on the wall. If Madison cannot erase the fact that Peter slept with someone else then that would be a perpetual issue in her and Peter's relationship.

Liv – I think that Madison left for the wrong reasons. She is very stuck on the fact that she thinks now they are all of a sudden way too different of people and that their lifestyles won't match up outside of the show. What she's failing to do is understand from Peter's perspective that he was single before this so, no, a single lifestyle will not match up to someone in a relationship. She needs to start thinking of them as a couple, not two single people trying to mash their lives together. If I were Madi, I wouldn't have left and I would've talked about the "lifestyle" situation a little more.

Taylor – Yes. I really respect Madison for staying true to herself even when she was being tested by his family — and even questioned by Peter. Just as Madison doesn't want to change Peter, she won't allow Peter to change her, and thinking about who they both are as people and realizing they might not be compatible is a hard but necessary thing to consider before accepting a proposal. I think she definitely made the right choice to leave because if they're meant to be after the show, they'll find their way back to each other.

One Is The Loneliest Number

Should Peter have told Hannah Ann that Madison left before their date?

Michael – I think so. To really give Hannah Ann a chance to come back and win him over, I think Peter would have had to lay all his cards out on the table, even if it was awkward. By not doing this, Hannah and he were pretty much done before the date started.

Keely – I think Peter maybe didn't tell Hannah Ann that Madison left because he's still holding out hope that Madison may come back to him. If he were to tell Hannah Ann that Madison had left, then that would've given her a false sense of hope, especially if Peter only has true intentions for Madison.

Liv – Honestly, I think Peter is still holding onto hope thinking that he will find that last little spark that will make him realize he was in love with Hannah Ann more than Madi this whole time, that's why he didn't tell her. I think he should've told her at the end of the date because the opportunity was there and Hannah Ann doesn't deserve to be broken up with in a pretty dress when there is a rose taunting her and she thinks she's getting engaged.

Taylor – I can see why he wouldn't want to say anything because at the end of the day if he were going to choose Hannah Ann, he would have hopefully done so whether Madison was there or not (which wouldn't have been the case, unfortunately for Hannah Ann). On the other hand, if he had told her, Hannah Ann might have had a little more clarity on the situation. That said, I think it would have been nice for Hannah Ann to have known so she could make her own decisions with all the information needed to do so.

It's About To Go Down

After tonight's episode, who do you think Peter ends up with?

Michael – I mean, it sure seems like it will be Madison or nobody at all. Which, to me, almost seems a little boring at this point. They promised something completely unprecedented and that's what I'm still holding out hope for.

Keely – I predict that Peter doesn't end up with Madison or Hannah Ann. He and Madison differ in some values such as religion, and I do not think Peter is there 100 percent with Hannah Ann when it comes to emotional investment.

Liv – The current theory that I am going with is that Madison is going to come back with a changed heart and want to work on things and be together and they end up together at the end of all of this.

Taylor – Madison. I think they'll both decide their love is strong enough to work through their differences and he will go after her. "Peter doesn't know how it will end" because something — whether it be him asking her out or a proposal — could happen live tonight.

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