If The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Cast Were Your College Professors, They'd Teach...

If The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Cast Were Your College Professors, They'd Teach...

Which BIP star will get you to the top of the class?

With this summer's season of "Bachelor in Paradise" wrapping up, it's time to reflect on the cast we've enjoyed this summer and the representation they have on our lives beyond their brief (for some) screen time for a few weeks.

1. Dean: Math

With Dean (and any math class), one minute you feel good and know everything that's going on—and the next, everything has flip-flopped and you're absolutely clueless, and probably a little heartbroken. There also may be a lot of tears involved.

2. Taylor: Psychology

Taylor has been known to care (and lecture) about emotional intelligence and maturity—all concepts that you would find within the pages of your psych textbook and would be a favorite topic of Professor Taylor.

3. Christen: Culinary Arts

With her love (or obsession?) of scallops, Christen will definitely teach you how to whip up a great meal, which she'll hopefully eat right up and give you that tasty A.

4. Ben Z.: Animal Science

It was no secret that Ben Z. would rather be home with his dog than waste any more time away in paradise, so his love of animals would make him a great professor for animal science. Be careful—you might only learn about dogs, though.

5. Robby: Media Studies

If you want to promote yourself or know how to be a social media specialist for a company, look no further than BIP's resident social media influencer Robby. He'll teach you all you need to be Instagram famous.

6. Haley and Emily: Genetics

BIP's very own twins may look very similar, but while teaching your class, they'll point out all their differences, like their noses and other parts. With their help, you'll learn all about twins and all the genes that make us unique.

7. Corrine: Meditation/Relaxation

After her season of the Bachelor, it's no secret that Corrine is a big fan of naps. She'd be great at teaching your seminar all about the best ways to relax, and who knows? You could nap your way to an A!

8. Daniel: Foreign Relations

BIP's very own Canadian import Daniel will teach you everything you need to know to handle connections with other countries, which may or may not include lies and deceptions to make the agreement.

9. Jonathan: Biology

Already being a doctor, Jonathan knows exactly what you need to know about the medical field. Studying biology, he'll also give you fun facts about the best spots for tickling someone.

10. Amanda: Management

With her second round of BIP, Amanda has learned more about what to do and how to better manage her situation. In class, she'll teach you all about strategic decision-making and how to be in charge.

11. Chris Harrison: Public Speaking

To host shows like Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, you need to be an expert public speaker at delivering news to the cast or starting the show off with a dramatic monologue. With him as the professor, you'll be the next great reality host.

Cover Image Credit: ABC

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