Bachelor Of The Week: Kaamil Abid

Bachelor Of The Week: Kaamil Abid


I am so very excited to give you Creighton's first "Bachelor of the Week", Kaamil Abid! Ladies, are you looking for an intelligent, kind, comedic, and classy guy that can get along with anyone AND everyone? If so, Kaamil Abid is your man!

Kaamil is from West Des Moines, Iowa and is a biology major and business administration minor on the, you guessed it, pre-med track. When he's not listening to rap or hip hop, you can find him playing basketball on the KFC courts or reppin' the class of 2020 on the Creighton Students Union board. Want to make a great first impression on him? Talk to Kaamil about two things: sports and Kanye.

How would your friends describe you?

"They would probably describe me as a comedian who likes to get some laughs, who sometimes, (wait actually most of the time) doesn't shut up. They would also describe me as a caring guy who is a little too caring to the point where they think I'm just a weird dude."

Word has it that you've met Bill Clinton before. How was that experience? Did he give you any dating advice?

"Yeah I did in sixth grade! It was inspiring. He taught me the ways he got elected and gave me some nice dating and marriage advice. For some reason after that conversation, my mom pulled me aside and told me to ignore his marriage advice. Still don’t know why she said that to this day."

Describe your ideal partner.

"My ideal partner would have to be a pretty and nice girl that can crack some jokes. She also has to be solid at Fortnite, but she can't have ever won it. I want her to be good enough where on dates we can duo up together and play, but like I don't want her to be better than me and make fun of me, leading to me feeling sad."

What qualities make you the ideal boyfriend?

"I'm a pretty caring and enthusiastic guy. Plus I can cook some nice foreign food, which my roommates think is delicious, so I think that's a big point for me. I also have Netflix and Hulu accounts that I would be willing to share with my girlfriend, so like I think that right there tops it off for why I'd be ideal."

It seems like the Creighton community has been trying to get #cuffKaamil trending. Are you on board?

"Haha, I do not know how that started, I think one of my best friends, Sam, coined the term. I am on board for right now in college I guess. In the future I won't be though because I plan on living that bachelor life when I get older and travel the world. But, maybe when I'm like 50 years old, and an accomplished world traveler, I'll adopt a five year old boy and take him under my wing and teach him the ways of life."

Iowa or Iowa State?

"Gawks, nuff said. #Rolliowa #StateSucks"

Your 40 yard dash video on Twitter is quite impressive. Did you ever think about continuing your career into college?

"You know, I thought about just going pro right to the NFL and skipping college. But you know education is important, so I decided to go to college and not pursue my football career because akademix is more important!"

Describe your dating life in five words.

"I love lamp very much."

Do you have any nicknames? If so, what and how did you receive it?

"Besides "Best Guy Ever" I guess I don't really have any nicknames. With my weird and odd name, it is tough to come up with one. Although sometimes people call me "that foreign guy" so maybe that counts?"

How would you describe your Twitter game?

"Fire when I was in high school, but slowing down since I have enrolled into college because akademix is more important!!!!! But every once in a while I'll throw in a pretty funny tweet that is lost among the 100 other stupid ones. So look out for that one folks!"

If your life had a "motto" what would it be?

"'Get busy living, or get busy dying.' From Shawshank Redemption, which is one of my favorite movies. I like to live life to its fullest and seize advantage of every opportunity and moment I can. If you don't do that, well, you aren’t living!"

Where can you be reached? (If anyone is looking to, ya know, #cuffKaamil)

"Follow me on Twitter @kaabid62 or Instagram kaabid62!!!! Need to improve that ratio!"

I would also like to give credit to my fellow Odyssey creator, Mackenzie Boivin, at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, for bringing this idea back! If you, or someone you know, would make a great candidate for the next Bachelor/Bachelorette of the Week, nominate them here: or reach out to me!

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