In the words of Chris Harrison, this was the most shocking, dramatic (and unpredictable??) season of the bachelor yet. Previously on "The Bachelor," we've had the one who proposes to the runner up, AKA Arie Luyendyk Jr. Then there's the one who ended up with no one, or better known as Brad Womack. And now, we have the bachelor who sends two out of the final three women home, only to chase down the one who dumped him.

Who would have thought Colton would screw up this badly? Did someone finally one-up Juan Pablo?

Starting with 30 women and in search of someone who puts themselves on the line for him (and fingers crossed, lose his virginity to), he ended up fighting for the one who didn't even love him back. Even his family looked as shocked and embarrassed as we were. Anyways, to get over the fact that there was no popping the question or a Neil Lane cameo, here are 10 tweets to make you laugh and forget about how many times the word virgin was mentioned throughout the season.