I never knew that my babysitting gig would teach me things about life that I never knew I needed.

1. Boys fight a lot more than girls

Coming from a house full of 6 girls and 1 boy, I have learned that girls are a lot more peaceful when it comes to playing. Girls have more of a tendency to just want to stay inside and play with Barbie's. Girls also like to play with each others hair and do their makeup, but not boys. Boys love to be crazy and play outside and pretend to be a WWE fighter. As for my three boys they like to wrestle which is okay when they aren't inside trying to throw each-other onto the couch in a headlock.

2. Being nice is a thing

The boys can be all big and tough. They will fight one minute and the next to be playing kickball together. When they haven't seen me in a while, they love all upon me. The oldest isn't too fond of cuddling but the youngest (7) loves to cuddle. It makes me happy knowing that they do like me being their babysitter. Knowing the three boys for about two years has made me attached to them like I am their big sister in a way.

3. Eating

Whoever said boys have a big appetite they weren't lying. If I let the boys eat all day they would most likely eat the entire house. It is crazy how much they can eat for their age. They will seriously try anything to get an extra snack in. I don't understand is how their stomach is always just willing to eat more and more food.

4.Taking kids places

So, taking kids anywhere isn't as easy as you think. It starts in the car. There is always a fight over seats, but I always tell them the smallest sits in the middle. When we arrive, if I have my sisters with me, they all go wild. I usually take them to the pool, so they can do whatever they want and wear them out at the same time.

5. Life with them

Seeing them grow up makes me think about my future sometimes I feel like being a parent would be so hard and then other days I just can't wait to have my own kids. They have changed my life in a lot of ways, I have become more understanding of hyper kids in public and I realized that kids just want to be kids so why not let them. I love them and pretty much being a big sister to them.

6. Leaving them

It's hard to think of life without them because they have been a part of my life for 2 years now. The love that those boys show me is something I will never get tired of. One day when they get old enough to watch themselves it might break my heart to say goodbye, but I know to them I will always be their babysitter and their sister in a way no one else will ever be.