Countdown Of The 40 Most Awkward 'Glee' Performances To Ever Exist
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Countdown Of The 40 Most Awkward 'Glee' Performances To Ever Exist

We're talking fast-forward awkward.

Countdown Of The 40 Most Awkward 'Glee' Performances To Ever Exist

So, I'm just spending my last two weeks at home binge-watching "Glee" on Netflix. Looking back, as a former "Glee" fanatic, I realized that the show lost quality over time. From shitty character development to annoying, unnecessary songs, there are some episodes I refused to watch because of my personal hatred for them.

But that also doesn't mean the older seasons didn't have flaws.

Here are some of my least favorite, awkward performances ever on the show.

40. "Halo"/"Walking on Sunshine"

Vocally, the song is pretty sweet and upbeat, but the performance makes you dizzy—after taking a shit-ton of vitamin D for enhanced performances, the girls are basically jittery and it's just so weird, even if good.

39. "You Make Me Feel So Young"

I guess this one is a personal choice, simply because I felt Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson's relationship became blatantly awkward in the final three seasons of the show. I can't knock the vocal delivery, but "Glee" is known for its unnecessary happily-ever-after serenades, and this song is one of them.

This is one of the songs that were included in a new era of "Glee," drifting away from the high school setting and into the adult life. Instead, it shows us this picture-perfect life and Blaine's obsession with dominance and cooking blueberry pancakes.

Unfortunately, this song isn't what we asked for.

38. "Bein' Green"

When I realized that "Glee" was performing a Sesame Street performance, I knew it would be a WTF moment. In fact, it's kind of racist if you ask me. Rory Flanagan is this foreign exchange student who really didn't have any impact on the show, just a lucky win on a reality TV show. The "bein' green" of the performance is basically Rory feeling ostracized in the school for being Irish.

It's just not a good song choice, and pretty stereotypical in an episode where he is considered to be a leprechaun who grants wishes.

37. "Afternoon Delight"

To be fair, this is actually one of the hilarious moments on the show, as the 'celibacy club' showcases ignorance on the song that really promotes sex. Hell, even John Stamos can tell it's awkward.

36. "Telephone"

While the second season of this show was pretty good, the first episode was very lackluster, especially for recruiting new members of Glee. But, this moment is a hilarious-awkward. Rachel Berry aggressively singing in a new student's ear, blowing her dragon breath in her face, and the new girl's like "Ooh, this is fun!"

And the cherry on top: Sue Sylvester ruining the High School Musical moment with a "Shut up!"

35. "You're Having My Baby"

You can easily picture yourself in this predicament, someone grabbing a bathroom radio, singing a song about pregnancy in front of your parents, and exposing your secrets without bad intentions. This is just a super freaking awkward moment, a second one for Finn after singing to a chair.

34. "Empire State of Mind"

This is definitely one of my favorite group performances on "Glee," for sure. The only few things that make this song awkward is the rapping, of course. But, performance-wise, the way that this scene was directed makes it awkward for the viewer. If it were one of us, we'd probably sing along and join in the fun, but literally, the performance is like singing in solitary confinement with no audience.

33. "Good Vibrations"

Rapping was never one of Glee's best habits. It's equivalent to fingers on a chalkboard in some circumstances. There isn't anything particularly wrong with the performance, besides Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman's awkward attempts at New Jack Swing dance moves.

32. "Friday"

This is basically "Glee" at its all-time desperate. 2011 was an interesting year for one-hit-wonder Rebecca Black, but it also led to a lot of hate comments, a gazillion YouTube dislikes and cyberbullying galore. In a realistic world, I wouldn't dance to "Friday" unless I were under the influence.

31. "When I Get You Alone"

I always loved this song and having an acapella version of it on "Glee" was the best idea, but this performance portrayed Blaine as super creepy. I'd be personally embarrassed if someone came up to my job and expressed adoration for me through song and got me fired in the end.

30. "Ben"

Since when was singing about a dead pet rat to a guy with an eye injury EVER okay?

Michael Jackson tribute or not, it was a awkward song choice on Glee's part, period.

29. "Call Me Maybe"

Rachel Berry would never sing a Top 40 song to prove she's the top dog, and that's what makes this performance so cringy. On top of that, an episode about competing to be "The New Rachel" is a low-standard storyline for "Glee," considering that the show focuses on acceptance and staying true to yourself.

Also, the overacting in this performance and the fourth season alone is awkward. Just saying.

28. "Diva"

Since we're speaking on the fourth season, this is basically the sibling to number 30. This performance tries hard to mock what infamous characters like Rachel and Mercedes have been portrayed to be. On top of that, the awkward "I'm a bigger diva than you" banter before this performance is super unbearable. I don't think Queen Bey would enjoy this either.

27. "Tik Tok"

Another hilariously awkward moment, despite the excessively blue chunks of vomit thrown across Rachel Berry's face. That was just gross.

26. "I Know What Boys Like"

It was cool to see Lauren Zizes get her first (and only) performance on the show, but having to see everyone shirtless or in their underwear was a total WTF moment. I get the meaning, "Just think of them in their underwear" but that doesn't mean the viewers want to think that— unless they're extremely hot.

25. "With You I'm Born Again"

I guess it was intentional, but singing a song about sex while dressing like a priest and Catholic schoolgirl is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen on "Glee," bro.

24. "Endless Love"

I've come across a few teacher crushes, but this was all the way awkward to watch. The expressions, the gestures, the gall to even perform a song like this with a 30-year old teacher. A no-no.

23. "Crush"

Do I even have to say?

22. "A Little Less Conversation"

A white teacher dressed up like this brings so many red flags, but at the same time, we get that he's a Spanish teacher, but this performance just... ugh.

21. "We Got The Beat"

Yeah, so, this was far more uncomfortable to watch compared to "Empire State of Mind" and it's sort of an "Okay, we get it, stop being repetitive every season" vibe.

20. "Fighter"

I don't like to be critical about actors or whatever, but Darren Criss consistently overacted in his role as Blaine Anderson, and this performance was not only an awkward song choice for sibling rivalry, but the "angry Blaine" scenery is so forced and it's awkward to watch.

19. "Hair"/"Crazy in Love"

I personally believe that "Glee" did terrible with Beyonce covers, considering this is the third one on the list. First of all, the awkward Willow Smith "whip-my-hair" choreography is weird. The mash-up was a terrible choice, considering that both of the songs did not mesh together well. Secondly, this is an awkward song to sing in front of a show choir with impaired hearing.

18. "The Climb"

Although this wasn't an official performance, holy shit, this was flat-out hilarious and awkward.

17. "Pink Houses"

Just watch.

16. "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me"

Whoever thought it was a great idea to have a Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute on "Glee" really must have been on something. I mean, this performance alone could be easily mistaken for softcore pornography. Also, Brittany and Santana watching through the windows? Come on.

15. "I Still Believe"/"Super Bass"

Jane Lynch in a Nicki Minaj costume is something we never asked for, but it's something that's awkwardly memorable enough. I can say the song is awkward because I personally would cut Blaine's part out, but Sue Sylvester bouncing her knees back and forth in a pink wig is, um... okay.

14. "Sexy and I Know It"

Watching Ricky Martin and a group of 'students' gyrating to a LMFAO song is not good.

13. "Toxic"

Will Schuester should not be singing songs like this with a group of 'students,' and the only reason he did it was to impress a girl he clearly screwed over in the previous season.

12. "It's Not Right But It's Okay"

I really hated the way they delivered this Whitney Houston tribute. All of the singers on the show who could tackle Whitney didn't even get a chance to tackle Whitney (well, besides Mercedes performing "I Will Always Love You" early on).

Of course, the overacting from Blaine Anderson and the awkward dream sequence with all of the characters behind him like he's a god....stop it.

11. "Boys"/"Boyfriend"

Never did I think a mash-up of Britney Spears and Justin Bieber would irritate me.

10. "Somebody That I Used to Know"

Two 'siblings' singing a song about lovers, to cover up a simple sibling rivalry is just beyond awkward. I hate when "Glee" uses songs in different connotations.

9. "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)"

This song was just beyond unnecessary, especially for using a kids song during drunk, derogatory moments. I also hate that this song wasn't performed normally.

8. "Last Friday Night"

Realistically, a teacher wouldn't allow students to be singing a song like this in high school, but you know,"Glee" logic.

7. "Thong Song"

The writers of this show gave Will the most awkward song choices ever, whether it be rapping "Gold Digger" to singing in a mariachi suit, this is when "Glee" really tried hard. Yes, "Thong Song" was a hit, but not a hit that "Glee" should have covered for this scene.

6. "Baby"

The Justin Bieber obsession that "Glee" forced on its fans really made this performance awkward. The Justin Bieber appeal at this time was catered to 12-year-old girls and this is a show filled with twenty-somethings.

5. 'You're My Best Friend"

This episode really mocked a lot of negativity towards accusations that "Glee" writers showed favoritism to Blaine. Let's be clear, it's so obvious. Nearly every episode after Season 3, we were forced to watch and listen to an unnecessary performance by Blaine. Watching this "Sesame Street" parody alone is just awkward.

4. "Love Child"

I don't know whether to consider this performance hilarious or offensive. It's really both. It's hard to elaborate.

3. "Lose My Breath"

I know I can't act like I haven't sung this song in my room at the age of 6, but when was it ever okay for a 'child' to sing a song like this. Also, the performance is just uncomfortable to watch all the way around.

2. "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)"

Like are you kidding me? Season 5 was a mess.

Why was this song ever considered on this show?

1. "Blurred Lines"

I saved the worst for last. There are so many things wrong about this performance. For one, a teacher encouraging children to twerk and gyrate gives pedophile vibes. Secondly, this is a song that reeked of controversy with the actual music industry, and this just shows "Glee" doing anything for clout.

In real life, Will would get arrested, fired, etc.

This is "Glee" at its worst, guys.

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