Have you ever been in an uncomfortable or awkward situation where you had no idea how to react? Don't worry, plenty of us have experienced the same cringe-worthy, embarrassing, and humiliating moments. Life is full of these unforgettable awkward times, and at the end of the day, you just have to laugh!

1. Someone calls you the wrong name.

I think I might just change my name because at least once a week someone calls me "Rachel." The worst part is, most of the time, I won't correct them because I feel like I am being rude, so I guess this is my life now. I am now Rachel. If someone calls you the wrong name, do yourself a favor and correct them.

2. Texting the wrong person.

That moment of horror when you realize you sent your "Love you. Can't wait to see you soon!" message that was meant to go to your best friend, but was sent to your ex. My suggestion is to just block that number and avoid the awkward text: "Sorry, that message wasn't meant for you."

3. Saying hello and being ignored.

My first day of college, I was so excited that I saw someone I knew. I said hello maybe four times to him and he just kept on walking. It was not embarrassing at all.

4. Asking someone to repeat themselves three times and still having no clue what they are saying.

Just continue to stare at them with a blank face and then laugh as if they said something funny. If it wasn't funny, now you are in even more of an uncomfortable situation.

5. When someone says you look different, but you're just not wearing makeup.

Yes, thank you for pointing out my ugly.

6. Accidentally liking an old photo on someone's Instagram.

Do I unlike the picture or does that make it worse? It's even worse when it is someone you don't know because now they think you are stalking them, which you technically are doing.

7. Seeing someone you know and making eye contact.

Do we ignore each other now or do I acknowledge you with a smile or a wave? Do they even remember who I am? Ah yes, don't do any of that. Just stare down at your phone and pretend like you didn't see them. That makes it less uncomfortable, right?

8. When the dental hygienist tries to have a conversation with you.

Look, I would love to answer your questions about where I go to school and what I am doing with my life, but could this wait until your hands are not in my mouth?

9. Someone gets spit on your face while talking.


Casually pretend that their bodily fluid did not just land on your face. Play it cool.

10. Seeing your teachers in public.

You're probably thinking, "Oh no. This is weird." Trust me, your teacher is thinking the exact same thing.

11. Talking to someone with bad breath.

Start inching away from them and then run. Run away. Throw some Tic Tacs their way and hope they take the hint.

12. Talking about someone who is right behind you.

"No, not you, Karen. I'm talking about a different Karen…" Don't try to talk your way out of it. They know it was them, so the best option is to just keep your mouth shut. Save yourself from even more embarrassment.

Do not stress over these everyday struggles because they happen to all of us. Unfortunately, they happen to me more than I would like. I have at least three uncomfortable or awkward encounters a day, so I have learned to just deal with it and laugh about it later. They make for some great stories!