10 Regrets Me, You, And Your Nemesis All Have

10 Regrets Me, You, And Your Nemesis All Have

You gotta know your regrets to avoid making them again


"Brooke, you're smart and well-spoken and I'm not really worried about you getting a job after college," my mother assured me one Sunday afternoon. I had just expressed to her my regret for not applying to an internship or landing a job somewhat related to my a career related to writing. I admit, I wasn't really listening to her. I was gloomy sitting on a couch, staring at my computer screen at my emails.

I know for a fact I have not be the only person to regret not doing something. The main reason I know this is because everyone carries around some sort of regret with them, which can feel like a heavy backpack with no shoulder pads in the straps.

I want to live more courageously, healthily, and more hopefully. Therefore, I looked to the people who know the most about living for advice - older people who have lived long lives.

Although I waded through a lot of regrets on the internet, I picked out my favorites below. Below are the top 10 regrets you have, but don't want to:

1. I wish I had been more honest with myself

Whether it is about deciding that I would like to re-gift that candle Grandma got me or letting out my pent-up anger in healthy ways (like journalling or screaming into my pillow) - it's all about being honest.

If I'm not honest with myself, then I'm just avoiding the real problems and guess what? They never really go away. They'll just get bigger (like that spot of mold on your loaf of bread) until you face the truth (just throw out the bread, honey).

2. I wish I had taken care of myself more

Ah, the good ole "self-care" idea. I completely agree, though. I wish I had taken care of my body more in the past. For example, I would often stay up reading past 2AM just for fun... but my body didn't think it was fun the next school day when I was so groggy that I did not pay attention in my AP classes.

But it could go beyond just establishing a healthy sleeping schedule. This regret also covers the arena of setting up good personal boundaries for alone time, or fun time outside of the house with comedic friends.

3. I wish I had told __________ how I actually felt

When I read this regret, I laughed out loud. At first, I only thought this could apply to hidden, romantic longings to be with someone else. However, this regret could be about telling a family member how they have hurt you, or a teacher how much they impacted your life and future career. This is a pretty deep regret, when you think about it.

4. I wish I had worked less

This regret is contingent. I imagine a workaholic wrote this one. Sometimes, you just have to work because you have to get food on the table for yourselves, that puppy you adopted from the Humane Society, and your rowdy kids and spouse. But if you feel as if you can take a break from work (a half-day, a vacation, etc.) in order to get that much needed R&R, then by all means, take a breather. Don't work yourself to death all for a paycheck.

5. I wish I had cared less about what other people thought of me

I care what people think about me a lot. One of my friends advised me to be more careful while walking around campus by taking out my earbuds. One, the campus is not a dangerous location during the daytime, which is when I walk those concrete sidewalks.

Two, music and talks are the way I get motivated, stay energized, have fun, and learn something new. I regret the month of silence I endured by listening to my friend.

Don't worry, I'm back to listening to what I want when I walk, now, and it's a glorious feeling. (But I also make sure to be more aware of my surroundings, because I know my friend makes a good point about safety concerns.)

6. I wish I had lived more in the moment

My mom's motto is "Be where your feet are."

That's an especially hard feat for me to accomplish when, being an avid reader and story-lover, I've trained my mind to be able to imagine me anywhere BUT where I am. Needless to say, I can live in the moment, but I can also space out quite easily. I'm working on this problem currently because I don't want more movie nights where my living room is full of friends and I'm thinking about the loneliness post-college life might bring me when I move home.

7. I wish I hadn't worried so much

As the article titled "What Do People Regret the Most Before They Die?" stated eloquently,

If you've ever kept a diary and looked back, you'll probably wonder why you ever got so worked up over X.

Please check out the full article though, since all of my favorite regrets are from this source (and there are more you probably will identify with).

8. I wish I'd done more for other people

I have nothing to elaborate on with this one. I just wish I was more loving in general.

9. I wish I hadn't taken myself so seriously

I remember vividly not hanging out with friends in high school sometimes because I was dead-set on finishing a 200 page novel I was writing about a high school drama. I also remember vividly getting worked up about how perfect I wanted the Jack Frost 5K Marathon I was organizing to go. My goodness, both of those activities were important, but I didn't need to be so frowny face serious about getting it all right.

10. I wish I had been more faithful

You won't find this on the website that inspired most of this article. I personally wish I was more faithful. God is faithful in making sure the Earth keeps spinning in its orbit around the sun everyday. God is faithful in giving me what I need - not what I want. God is faithful in forgiving me and showing me how much He loves me, no matter how much I despise being obedient and hopeful in Him at the moment. It actually astonishes me how faithless I allow myself to be sometimes. I'm currently (and will forever be) working hard to make being faithful a more steady part of my life.

So there you have it.

I just listed out some big ole top 10 regrets I think we all have. Was I right? Was I wrong? Did you enjoy my commentary about them? Let me know what you think and I hope you can avoid these regrets by being your authentic selves, being a little bolder, and being a little more disciplined when chasing after your aspirations.

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To The Nursing Major During The Hardest Week Of The Year

I know that no grade can possibly prove what kind of nurse you will be. I know that no assignment will showcase your compassion. I know that no amount of bad days will ever take away the empathy inside of you that makes you an exceptional nurse.


To the Nursing Major During Finals Week,

I know you're tired, I know you're stressed, and I know you feel like you can't go on. I know that no part of this seems fair, and I know you are by far the biggest critic of yourself. I know that you've thought about giving up. I know that you feel alone. I know that you wonder why in the world you chose one of the hardest college majors, especially on the days it leaves you feeling empty and broken.

But, I also know that you love nursing school. I know your eyes light up when you're with patients, and I know your heart races when you think of graduation. I know that you love the people that you're in school with, like truly, we're-all-in-this-together, family type of love. I know that you look at the older nurses with admiration, just hoping and praying that you will remain that calm and composed one day. I know that every time someone asks what your college major is that you beam with pride as you tell them it's nursing, and I know that your heart skips a beat knowing that you are making a difference.

I know that no grade can possibly prove what kind of nurse you will be. I know that no assignment will showcase your compassion. I know that a failed class doesn't mean you aren't meant to do this. I know that a 'C' on a test that you studied so. dang. hard. for does not mean that you are not intelligent. I know that no amount of bad days will ever take away the empathy inside of you that makes you an exceptional nurse.

I know that nursing school isn't fair. I know you wish it was easier. I know that some days you can't remember why it's worth it. I know you want to go out and have fun. I know that staying up until 1:00 A.M. doing paperwork, only to have to be up and at clinicals before the sun rises is not fair. I know that studying this much only to be failing the class is hard. I know you wish your friends and family understood. I know that this is difficult.

Nursing school isn't glamorous, with the white lab coat and stethoscope. Nursing school is crying, randomly and a lot. Nursing school is exhaustion. Nursing school is drinking so much coffee that you lose track. Nursing school is being so stressed that you can't eat. Nursing school is four cumulative finals jam-packed into one week that is enough to make you go insane.

But, nursing school is worth it. I know that when these assignments are turned in and finals are over, that you will find the motivation to keep going. I know that one good day of making a difference in a patient's life is worth a hundred bad days of nursing school.

Keep hanging in there, nursing majors. It'll all be worth it— this I know, for sure.

So, if you have a nursing major in your life, hug them and tell them that you're proud of them. Nursing school is tough, nursing school is scary, and nursing school is overwhelming; but a simple 'thank-you' from someone we love is all we need to keep going.


A third-year nursing student who knows

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Behind-The-Scenes With TIM VO

A behind-the-scene look on what goes on during my shoots— from start to finish…

Tim Vo
Tim Vo

After a long day at school, I usually get home around 3PM and the first thing I do once I get back to my apartment is pop open my laptop and pull up all the files that I need to edit. By "editing" files, I'm not talking about editing that rough draft essay for my Philosophy class (that is due in two days). Rather, I begin my process of selecting the best 50 images from a roll of 2,000 shots that I took from a recent shoot. Once those special 50 are picked out, only about 2-4 (if I'm lucky) will be featured in a professional model's portfolio book…

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2. The agent kindly provides me with a model in need of shots and from there, the work and planning begins!

3. MOOD BOARD: This is the first piece of information that I send and it is usually a compilation of inspiration pictures that I would like to integrate into my shoot. Whether that would mean the location, outfits, or makeup— the whole point of a mood board is to give everyone participating in the test shoot a very clear idea/ direction on the shoot.

4. CALL SHEET: The last and final piece of information that I send, which is basically a PDF file that contains the location/ date/ time/ and participants of the shoot. In other words, it is a formal information sheet that condenses everything everyone needs to know for the shoot!

5. Good luck on shoot day! Most importantly, have lots of fun and make the most out of it!

Tim Vo
Tim Vo

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