The Tally Plague Is Real, Avoid It By Following These Tricks
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The Tally Plague Is Real, Avoid It By Following These Simple Tricks

Who really wants to be sick so early (or ever) in the semester?


Speaking from experience, don't run yourself into the ground and get sick this semester. We are only a couple of weeks in and sickness is in the air. The number of students at walk-ins, minute clinics and the University Health Services this semester is already extreme. Don't let yourself be one of us – trust me.

We've known this one since we were little - wash your hands. 

We've been taught to wash our hands constantly since we were in kindergarten and yet half of you forget such a simple rule. We act as if college life has granted us the immunity to the germs we encounter each and every day.

Don't share drinks! 

Alcohol does not kill germs. No matter how much you tell yourself that the alcohol in your drink is killing any germs you're intending to share that's not true. Stop sharing drinks to save yourself a few bucks.

Don't starve yourself, but don't eat like crap. 

Running off a college budget it is easy to forget the necessity of food or to settle with a cheap meal that's more junk then fuel, but don't do it. Don't cut your body short – food is a necessary fuel we all need to function especially with germs trying to invade our immune systems. Food is a key fuel for keeping your body strong.

Keep exercising! 

Haven't you heard exercise is the key to health? Obviously, keep in mind your limits, but exercise helps your mind stay healthy which can only help your body do the same.

There is always time for rest. 

As college students, we fill our schedules with Greek life, school work, social events, and other clubs or activities, but many of us work harder than necessary draining our bodies for the worse. We easily forget that sleep is one of the most important functions. It is the one chance our body gets to recover and rebuild itself.

Stay hydrated. 

Once again after a night out in Tallahassee, everyone wakes up thirstier than a whale at five A.M. and if you don't fix that thirst quick, you'll wake up even more dehydrated the next day. Hangover dehydration brings your body to an all-time low so drink water! There's a reason we can't survive without it.

Avoid the caffeinated and sugary drinks. 

Yes, we all have a lot on our plates, but it isn't finals week people and I'm sure we can all avoid these beverages. All we get is a quick boost and a harder knockdown, so why waste your time?

Choose tea over coffee!

If you really need that boost me up, tea is the much healthier option than coffee to suppress your immune system.

Get ahead of your sickness. 

Don't be like me and try to "work" the sickness out of you because the majority of the time it doesn't work. I've always believed in pushing through, but sometimes the sad truth is you just need rest.

 Take your daily vitamins. 

Vitamin C is a great vitamin to take every day to boost your immune system!

 Manage your stress. 

Stress is a major immune suppressor that will quickly lower all our defense systems and lead us straight to sickness, so do what you can to manage it.

Watch out for the other sickies.

If you decide to take advantage of your Universities health centers keep to yourself. The last thing you want is to show up with a simple cold and leave with something much worse.

Avoid touching your eyes, ears, and mouth!

Another one we've seen to have forgotten from our childhood don't let germs get in your system so easily!

If you don't mind a needle, then avoid all the trouble with a flu shot.

It's that simple.

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