I Don't Know What To Expect With 'Infinity War' And The Trailer Will Have You Feeling The Same
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I Don't Know What To Expect With 'Infinity War' And The Trailer Will Have You Feeling The Same

My plan at this point is to just go see the film and know that anything is capable of happening.

I Don't Know What To Expect With 'Infinity War' And The Trailer Will Have You Feeling The Same
Marvel Studios

It’s been three years since Age of Ultron and we’re gearing up for another big film in the Marvel franchise. "Avengers: Infinity War" comes out at the end of the month and features a huge showdown between the now divided Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and a few other familiar faces, including Thanos, who is the main villain.

Normally when a trailer is released I’m able to grasp a sense of how the movie will go. This is the case even with the Marvel films, which tend to be more ambiguous than most films. This time, after viewing all of the trailers for "Infinity War", I’m left stumped. I’m not sure how this film will play out, or what the plot of the film is aside from Thanos trying to get all of the Infinity Stones. It leaves me feeling a bit uneasy, to say the least.

The trailers themselves make my expectations for "Infinity War" have a bunch of questions. The trailers show bits and pieces of various scenes: we see a bit of romance from Scarlet Witch and Vision, see a little bit of action from the group as a whole, and see Thor meeting the Guardians for the first time.

We don’t see any fallout from those scenes though, even in the bits where we see various characters getting hurt. It seems as if we are getting as little information as possible on purpose. This is to be expected for obvious reasons, but it feels like they’re holding back a lot more this time.

That being said, I have to wonder what will follow each of these scenes that they are showing. Will they kill off any major characters? Will Thanos complete his mission? Will the Guardians adjust to Earth’s habits as well as Thor did? And, for god's sake, where is Hawkeye?! Hopefully, these will be answered.

To add more intensity to the situation, Marvel has posted a message asking people not to spoil the plot of the film when they go to see it so that everyone can have the same reactions upon seeing it for the first time.

This begs the question: What major plot point are they keeping from the public?

One Twitter user’s response was: “this makes me feel like every trailer we’ve seen is fake and we’re going into this movie blind”. While I don’t necessarily believe Marvel would fake scenes to create a false plot for people to theorize over, I do believe this shows that there’s a lot that will happen in this film and they want to keep as much of it as they can a secret.

Given all of this, I cannot properly guess what will happen in this film. There are so many unknowns, and so many questions that even trying to predict what will happen feels pointless to me.

My plan at this point is to just go see the film and know that anything is capable of happening.

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