No film is perfect, but I feel as if Avengers: Endgame was as perfect as it could have been. The union of every character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has only been dreamt about, but somehow Marvel pulled off the most amazing series of events that was a perfect follow-up to Infinity War. Endgame was just the exact amount of un-satisfying and satisfying that left a profound impact on me.

The humor was top-notch and the nostalgia was serious. All the jokes in the movie were realistic and funny to the point where it seemed to distract the characters just enough from the pain and removed some out of the situation for the viewers to keep the movie a little light-hearted and not just dark at some points. The movie had perfectly timed nostalgia and put every scene together in a way that made the most sense. With the scenes that went back to the original Avengers and so many perfect scenes with Cap, everything was so perfect. Captain America's "Hail Hydra" line when he went back in time to retrieve the tesseract was one of the most insane and coolest lines in the whole movie and was so well-timed in a dire situation that added so much life to the movie.

The emotions were absolutely heart-wrenching. Whether it was Captain America accidentally finding himself in the office of his dream girl in 1970, or choosing to spend the rest of his life with her when he goes back in time to revert changes, Marvel did a great job of making you feel for Cap. And the whole movie is littered with scenes like this, but the one that really got me was when Black Widow sacrifices herself so that Hawkeye can survive, get the Soul Stone, and have a chance at seeing his family again. And we all know that no character can stay with a certain role forever, and that's why the sending off of Iron Man and Robert Downey was the most perfect ending that could have happened. Being introduced to his daughter, and him having to leave his family to save the universe was the best way to have him end his Marvel career. His hug with Peter Parker and his final moments before his death really hit home.

So thank you, Marvel, for bringing us one of the best and most ambitious films in history.