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Loving Yourself
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Why isn't someone behaving this way?

Why isn't this the logical way to do something?

I used to question how someone can not feel this way or think in that way? How can they just not do this...and I try to think about how each person has so much going on. Everyone has so much going on and you don't know how they were raised, the relationships they have or had with their parents or whether they are good or bad. They influence your whole life. The first 8 years of the relationship that you have with them effect you so much. For example, for boys it's how they treat their mom, which then goes to how they treat women and their perception of love. They watch how their dad treats their mom because that's the role model they see growing up either subconsciously or consciously. I took a child psychology class so I'm really into these types of topics, especially with some I can relate to on a more personal level.

You also don't know the experiences those people had. Basically, I have learned to love myself. Everyone should learn how to love themselves first. That's so important. I think it should be a priority. I feel that once you reach a level of loving yourself so much to being so comfortable with yourself everything will change for the better. It doesn't make sense to me when people don't prioritize kindness. We are all people on this planet. All humans. No one should be treated differently or in a disrespectful way. I had a very abstract thought on this and basically along the lines of loving yourself so much that way you can learn to love another person. I never believed it until it happened to me and I experienced it. Even if it isn't being in love with them in a romantic manner, but even having some feelings for them. Have respect for them and have a love for them in a sweet thoughtful way (if that makes sense). Sometimes people act out or are being rude and I feel bad for them because I'm like wow, they must have had childhood issues or have something going on in their personal life to be spreading that type of hate or negativity. Especially towards others. Maybe they don’t feel love for themselves and I totally get that but if you feel that way then that's your sign to try to love yourself because once you do you will feel so much better and then find love and seek it and then you will feel not only comfortable with loving yourself but loving someone else as well. It’s hard, I know. It’s a realization and our egos get to us. Sometimes I'm like “okay, sweetie sit down” when someone tries me, but obviously I try and go back to thinking people in general just want to be genuinely loved or feel loved. It's so crazy to think about. I hope I'm not the only crazy one thinking this but it is so true and wild. I don't even mean this romantically. By friends, people who want to feel appreciated by their co-workers. I feel like everyone wants to be or feel appreciated, loved and happy. That’s really the core of what people want and so when people aren't getting that then it has to be one of those three. The real reasons why people act out and be “rude” is because they aren’t being appreciated or they don’t feel loved or they're not happy. Obviously, happiness is subjective.

“You attract how you feel.” I like this quote a lot because it’s accurate. All that matters is that you feel good.

So whenever you aren’t feeling good you really have to worry about your vibration and bring yourself back to feeling good. Just take small steps. Taking a bath, taking a nap, or reading. Do anything possible to lift yourself back up to be happy. All actions are aimed towards happiness. Remember that. If someone thinks they are happy then they are happy and will be happy. It's all about the mindset. YOU can be your own happiness as well, as long as your mindset is in the direction of happiness. All you have to do is believe you are happy and you are because your thoughts turn into things. If you’re truly believing you’re happy then you are on that frequency and you are going to attract things that will. It just happens. Our ego comes in and protects us. Try to remember that you never know what someone is going through, but also don't discredit someone being toxic or actually hurtful to you. You can understand someone without being with them. Just because you understand what they are going through doesn’t mean you have to stay. If they aren’t doing any good to you then leave. Guard your energy and what you have in your life as well. Wish them the best and continue on with your life.

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