Everyone Should Attend A TV Taping At Some Point In Their Lifetime

Everyone Should Attend A TV Taping At Some Point In Their Lifetime

Get up-close and personal with the stars.

Ever wanted to attend one of the biggest T.V. show live tapings….for free? Well, you can and it is actually much easier than you might think. Major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City have various free tapings all year round for some of the most popular shows on the air. In fact, I just attended a taping of "Wild N’ Out" starring Nick Cannon a few days ago in Brooklyn. Not only is it amazing to be in the studio audience for a taping, but being able to be in the action behind the scenes is priceless.

When going to a T.V. taping expect to clear out most of your day, as commuting and waiting in lines and waiting rooms will take up a significant amount of time that day. Once fully checked in, showing I.D., and handing in all personal belongings, you most likely will be escorted into a waiting room where you will be given a “warmup.” This may include some music, pep talk from workers, and some freebies or giveaways.

Once escorted into the actual set, make sure to follow all directions and look into the right cameras. Also, follow all the cues of the workers on set in order to help the show run smoothly. For instance, I sat front row on the "Wild N’ Out" set and was told different positions to stand in order to not be on camera blocking the camera view. Onset too, don’t be too concerned about where you are sitting because there are dozens of cameras that will be filming not only you but the actors onto screens most of the time. Therefore, there is no “bad seat” in the house! However, make sure to follow the clothing guidelines or you will have an issue.

For most morning shows expect to wake up early and be dressed in bright colors and no logos. However, for afternoon and night shows a nice blouse and jeans will work. For my show, we were expected to dress in “urban swag” but please make sure to layer! Most studios are around 80 degrees but waiting around hours before the show especially in chilly temperatures, you should definitely layer up. Also, in the winter months, there will be coat checks so be sure to leave your most valuable belongings in the car in case if they get lost.

As for tickets, I got them on 1iota.com. This website is one of the best ones out there to request tickets. However, due to high demand, I would suggest to put in for multiple dates of the show you want to see, as you can be waitlisted. Besides T.V. shows,1iota has other types of tapings such as movie screenings and sometimes award shows. These tickets, although much harder to get, are worth putting in for.

Overall, attending a live T.V taping was well worth the wait for me and I hope it will be for you too. Being able to see the action before, during, and after a show taping was just so exhilarating and a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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