Atlanta Needs to Listen
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Atlanta Needs to Listen

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Atlanta Needs to Listen

At noon on Thursday, November 17th, at noon, the pedal met the metal as organizers strike back in the courtyard of Georgia State University! Students are speaking out at GSU to let Becker know that this, -gentrification- is his problem too.

It is evident after a meeting with President Becker and a representative from Carter & Ass Inc. that GSU and the developers involved with Turnerfield are not interested in signing a CBA. Yet, students will not be deterred! They will rally and raise their voices against their university leaders, such as their president Becker, members of the GSU Foundation Inc. like Richard Lenny, Christine Jacobs, Jere Drummond and Scott Taylor, the president of Carter Inc. Residents and community leaders even plan to call Taylor non-stop in the weeks to come. Since, the property is technically still on the table students, residents, organizers and lawyers are requesting that they have a binding contract that can be renewed each year signed by Carter and the GSU Foundation by December 21st.

But, before the Student SpeakOut tenants on Atlanta Avenue NE will raise their voices against the city’s declaration of eminent domain that is removing them from their homes. At 11am on Thursday November 17th, Professor Tanya Washington, alongside seasoned tenants, the Dardens, will speak to the press about this mass displacement being carried out by the city of Atlanta under the guise of flooding danger. “When the professionals assessed this land for the city they reached a displacement free solution that the city has chosen to ignore,” Washington stated in an organizers meeting Tuesday November 15th. Ms. Washington went on to explain that the city claims it will need to build a pond and park to prevent major flooding in the area, given that the construction the city put in place as a temporary fix is preventing flooding satisfactorily. To rally with these tenants, the last to remain on their block, to stand with them before they are kicked out during the holidays sign the petition here.

“It may be us today but it could be you tomorrow,” Mr. Darden’s words from Tuesday's organizer meeting, replay over, and over, again in my mind as I recall the notice my family received soon after Brookhaven became a new city. Now, Chamblee and Doraville have plans to link up with the same organization responsible for the Beltline. Where after witnessing the atrocious ignorance, by Beltline designers, to the necessity of affordable housing as a cornerstone of the project, founders, Ryan Gravel and Nathan Smith have resigned. It is evident, that as Chamblee and Doraville call on the same organization in charge of planning the Beltline, that as residents, we must organize.

If you are a resident, parent, teacher, neighbor, or friend residing in a community that considers Buford Highway essential to daily life then, please, consider joining the Buford Highway Apartment Association.

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