Athens, Ohio: The Most Beautiful College Town There Ever Was

Athens, Ohio: The Most Beautiful College Town There Ever Was

Sorry, Oxford.

On their first visit to Ohio University, prospective students suddenly realize they might be on one of the most beautiful campus in America. Returning students know they are. Located in Athens, surrounded by the beautiful green forests in southeastern Ohio, OU is filled with striking architecture and open green space. Although we may complain about our rolling hills, we would not have it any other way.

Here is what sets Athens far apart from the rest.

1. College Green

Probably the most Instagrammed part of OU, College Green is located right in the middle of it all. Like coming straight out of a movie, you'll see students constantly walking through College Green, talking to friends, doing homework and catching rays (during spring semester, of course).

2. Court Street

This where people say the magic of Athens comes alive. Along Court Street you'll pig out and have fun at all your favorite eateries and bars. While we do have some national favorites, Court Street is filled with locally-owned, independent businesses. And don't forget the quaint coffee shops (no Starbucks here). Whether bustling with people or on a quiet Sunday, Court Street is always a sight.

3. The Hills

No, I'm not talking about Lauren and Heidi, but Radar and Bong. Radar and Bong Hill are both a hike from campus, but are worth the extra mile. At Radar you can watch the beautiful sunset in a secluded, serene environment and Bong gives you a great view of Athens. Ahhhh, wish I was there now, lying under the stars.

4. Emeriti Park

Nestled behind Baker Center, Emeriti Park is a great place to sit and relax. I found myself here a lot this past school year to get away from all the stress of school. Boy, did it work.

5. Architecture

On some college campuses, all the buildings really do look exactly the same. How uniform and boring. Here at OU, we dabble in a variety of styles. From classrooms to dining halls to dorms, our buildings come in all shapes and sizes. We even house the oldest college building in the Old Northwest Territory, Cutler Hall, at the end on College Green, earning it's spot on the National Register for Historic Places.

6. Those Bricks

The infamous Athens Block rounds out our list. They are the foundation of our beautiful university for which we are proud to call our hOUme.

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To My Future Soulmate When We Finally Meet, Know That I Love You

I hope this find you and I hope you find me

Dear Future Soulmate,

To be honest, I never thought I would find you.

I thought that maybe soulmates weren't real, at least not for me. All of my friends were in these happy, loving relationships, getting engaged, getting married, and having a family. Then there was me, whose only love was pepperoni pizza and cookie dough ice cream.

My friends and family would always say: "Be patience". "When you least expect it he will come", "You will find love in time and blah blah. I love them and I know they mean well but that doesn't make me feel better. I know it true that good things happen when you wait but I can't help feeling you will never find me and that I was just going to be alone with a bunch of cats and be a crazy old cat lady.

Sounds overdramatic I know, but one thing you will know and hopefully love about me is that I am a bit of drama queen. I am also a daydreamer and a hopeless romantic which you will also learn about me.

I have talked to God many times about you, even though I haven't met you yet. My mother told me, when she was in her 20s she talked to God as well and asked for a good man to love her. He would listen to her and God sent my father to her. They have been happily married for 20 something years. I know God has a plan for everyone even though we don't it ourselves but it is so hard to be patience.

Still, I believe that you are out there, somewhere maybe even looking for me too. I am writing this letter so I must still have some hope for love.

I can not wait to lay my eyes on you. No matter what you look like, I will not care. Looks don't mean a lot to me, as long as you love me, I will love you. I know you are an amazing man. I can't wait to get to know you and see where life will take us.

I'm always thinking of you, who you are and when I will be able to me and a whole bunch of other questions I have that won't be answered until we find each other.

I know you will make me feel like a Queen just like I want to make you feel like a King. I want to be your cheerleader, your best friend, your everything all rolled up into one.

It might take years for us to find one another but I feel like it is worth the wait because a soulmate comes only once into your life. A love is precious and it shouldn't be rushed. Things come unexceptionally maybe that's the same with us. I feel in my heart that you are looking for me too, looking for your other half. That sounds totally cheesy I know, but as you will learn I am hopeless romantic and I am cheesy 95% of the time.

Till we meet remember to never give up on love

because we haven't met yet

but one day we will

so keep your head up my love

I will see you soon, I love you


Your future soulmate

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8 Realities Of Life As We Know It

You don't have to accept them. It's just easier if you do.
If you are short, perhaps you desire to be tall. If your hair is brown, you might want to dye it blonde. That is the problem with humans. We crave too much and appreciate too little. Desires leave us dreaming of a future that often never comes, while preventing us from appreciating the beauty of a moment.” -Lynette Simeone

1. People change.

We all want more friends. More people in our life that we can trust. But we have to accept that people change. You may know them so well, but people are just like seasons. People will leave. Sometimes you have to let them. We often don’t appreciate things until we lose them. Loss teaches us about the worth of things. Eventually you’ll stop taking things for granted.

2. You can survive just fine on your own.

We crave love. We crave cliches. That cliche movie kind of love. We want someone to bring us roses and kiss us on the front porch. We want that so badly. But you have to let go of the idea that you need to be in a relationship to be happy. People are not your oxygen. Do not rely on other human beings for your happiness.

3. Everything does not happen for a reason.

Sometimes bad things happen to us. They might tear us apart, destroy us, and make us feel broken, but I can promise you, you’ll feel okay again. There is no reason for it. Not every bad thing results in something good. We attempt to give meaning to things that have no meaning. We comfort ourselves with the idea that all things happen for a reason, but the truth is, they don’t.

4. Maybe everything won't be okay.

We like to tell ourselves that it will be. We convince ourselves that things will be okay in the end in order to comfort ourselves, blinding us from the fact that maybe things won’t be okay. We can’t be so sure that everything will work out. Sometimes things don't.

5. Nothing really matters.

Things really don’t matter as much as you think they do. They just don’t. We think bad things are the end of the world when they really don't matter. Get up. Keep going. Life goes on.

6. You think you have time, but you don't.

One day you’re in high school and it feels like forever until you’ll get out. But then you’re deciding what to do for the rest of your life and suddenly you’re an adult and you realize that you think you have all the time in the world, but you don’t.

7. Expectations only lead to disappointment.

When you expect things, you will be let down. That's because simple things become complicated when you expect too much. Instead, have no expectations. Less expectations lead to more appreciation.

8. Life will never be perfect, no matter how hard you try.

We often think life is going to be full of constant love, parties, and adventure. But it's not. Life is amazing. Then it's awful. Then it's amazing again. Then it's just a mundane routine. You'll learn that life will never be perfect. There’s wonderful parts and awful parts. The bad parts? Those are experiences, and you have to experience life to appreciate life.

Cover Image Credit: Columbia University

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