Atelophobia: The fear of never being good enough
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Atelophobia: The fear of never being good enough

Atelophobia: The fear of never being good enough

Its hard never feeling like you will be good enough for anyone. You spend your time doubting yourself no matter what you do it is not good enough. Even when someone gives you a complement, you find the one thing that you should change or should have done differently.

Friends; You know you shouldn’t do it but you do, you compare yourself to your friends. The way that they look the way that they act and how others treat them. Then you look at yourself and you start to pick out every single thing that is wrong with you. You don’t like the way your hair looks, your nose is to big, and your tummy isn’t flat. All of your friends are so pretty and everyone seems to like them, you can’t even think of any redeeming quality about yourself. Next, thing you know you are questioning your friendships wondering why they would ever want to be friends with someone like you. Also, don’t forget you aren’t smart or talented and you are no good at sports and all of your friends have some special thing that they do while you have nothing that makes you unique.

Your friends love you, and you’ll find out who the true ones are when something bad happens, in your life. Do not and I repeat do not let them go! Stop comparing yourself to them, believe me they don’t care if your hairs a mess, and you haven’t waxed your eyebrows they just want to see you smile and to be happy.

Family; You’re a failure and a disappointment to your family is the first thing you think if you grades are not good or you think about doing something that may cause you not to spend as much time studying. On top of studying though don’t forget to spend time with your family and make sure that they are proud of you.

Your family are your biggest fans, you have your own cheering squad and a group of people to pick you up if you do fail at something. But, believe me they will never leave you and let you go through it alone. Your family loves you for the crazy, unpredictable, and unexplainable person that you are no matter what you do they will always be there for you.

Yourself; You are your own worse nightmare, your biggest critic, and the one person you will never make happy . Even on your best days you are never good enough for yourself. Always looking at your flaws and all of the things you can never do right. Its hard to see anything good sometimes you just see every flaw and mistake you have ever made like its written across your face.

This one is a little harder to think about in a positive way, because you are your own worse nightmare, and you are the one person who knows yourself the best so you see all of your own flaws. But, you also know all of the amazing things about yourself as well. You know your talents, and how smart you are. When you look in the mirror try not to focus on the size of your nose or how your stomach looks in that shirt instead look at your best feature and remind yourself that you are beautiful inside and out.

Everyday you will deal with the issues of thinking you are not good enough for something, but just remember you are the best at being yourself and no one can do that better than you can.

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