My first reaction was "hold up, what the f do you mean when you say enough?" I'm in my head thinking like, "This boy just really called me out here. Making me sound like I crave a lot of attention" (which is kinda true). No, I wasn't asking him in that way at all, but it just sounded like I did.

However, when I heard the word "enough," I immediately associated it with something being wrong in our relationship.

In conversations about relationship conflict normally you'd hear the word enough in phrases like "When is enough?" Usually followed by, "How much longer are you going to put up with them?" Or "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" The word enough is almost always associated with something negative, but this was not the case.

Instead of taking a few more seconds to think about all the things he had done for me already, I was offended by the word. I'm over here pouring out heart and soul and he had the audacity to just say...ENOUGH?!

Before I started a fight with him I realized I'd only been seeing him for a few months (felt like forever) and "enough" was actually a lot.

Enough for him meant getting me tacos and coffee at 10 pm when I was writing my final paper. It meant face timing me after a 14 hour work day, every day since we've been apart. Enough meant making me breakfast in the morning every time I slept over and the list goes on and on. To him, enough meant a lot more than the word itself.

I mean, he could have chosen a different word but realistically how much can someone love a person in a short amount of time? We tend to have this misconception of love where it's supposed to happen overnight and you're supposed to love someone unconditionally after a few days.

We live in the real world people, not a fairy tale. True love only exists after months and months of the torment of trying to get to know one another.

Although the word enough has an uneasy ring to it, we shouldn't take it the wrong way. Instead of feeling uncomfortable with the use of the word I appreciated his honesty.

"Enough" can be flexible and it can grow. If anything it allows you to think about how much you are willing to do for your partner. Hopefully, your idea of "enough" aligns with your partner’s because when it comes down to it enough can mean different things to each person in a relationship, and that's where it gets messy.

I'm definitely not the best person to give relationship advice but I've had ENOUGH experience to know that having too many expectations may ruin a relationship. No, I'm not telling you to settle for less. Everyone has expectations but be realistic about them; you grow with time as a couple. We're not telepathic, so talk to each other about your wants and needs.

Everything my boyfriend has done so far has definitely exceeded all my expectations and I'm not expecting anything more from him... yet.