Ask Me About What's Right In This World

Breaking news headlines are constantly plastered across every single platform of social media. They cover our TV screens, newspapers, magazines, and are even sent as text alerts to our cell phones. It's a wonder people are constantly saying, "What has this world come to?" and "What is wrong with this world?"

Not everyone will believe what I am about to say because of the fact that they have been blinded by all of the headlines buzzing around them. Here's the catch though; the world is in fact a beautiful place with an infinite number of wonderful things happening. This world is our perception of it and what we allow it to be.

You'll tell me horrible things happen every single day, and I'll tell you this is true, but I will also tell you that a higher number of amazing things happen every single day. The disconnect occurs when only light is shed on the slim number of bad events and hard times, and rarely any illuminates the positivity that radiates within the atmosphere of this planet.

You'll tell me the world is more violent than it was in the past, and I'll tell you this isn't exactly true, and this is where the disconnect comes into play. In the past, we did not have the technology that we do. We didn't have the constant access to news from all around the globe, we just knew what we knew. Now, though, we have breaking news about a robbery ringing in our ears while we read an article about a shooting. The world isn't a worse place, we're just more aware of the bad things that do happen.

This is my challenge to humanity. Ask each other what is right in this world. Take time out of your day to focus on everything good that has happened to you and all of the positive interactions you have witnessed. Allow yourself to disconnect from the TV, the social media, the cell phone. Tell yourself that this world is your perception of it and is what you allow it to be. If you believe it to be a beautiful place, and enable others to begin to view it that way too, your perspective will slowly begin to mold into something magnificent.

We are literally surrounded by a gas that allows us to live, thrive, dance, sing, run. Our home is covered in luscious green plants that breathe slowly in and out with us. We have the ability to love, to laugh, to smile, to feel. We can make deep connections with other human beings and animals, ones that give you a sense of being. Rain is dropped down on our very heads so we can continue to breath with the plants and drink to continue to thrive.

Take the time out of your day to notice these things, and realize that there is still so much that is right in this world.

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