12 Asian Star Instagram Accounts to Spice Up Your Feed
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12 Asian Star Instagram Accounts to Spice Up Your Feed


12 Asian Star Instagram Accounts to Spice Up Your Feed

All of us go to Instagram to enjoy some visually pleasing feed. Here's some accounts from the East that can give you major Instagram inspo and will make you say "SLAY, GIRL, SLAY!"


Makeup artist, Pony, who gained international recognition when she flawlessly transformed herself into Taylor Swift through the power of makeup, has an Instagram account full of her amazing beauty transformations. She is total beauty, hair, and style inspo! She just makes one want to up their beauty game to the next level. You can also check out her Youtube channel, where she has video tutorials to get her exact makeup looks!

Isabelle Daza

Rising actress and one of the certified It Girls of the Philippines, Isabelle Daza's Instagram game is strong with cool snaps of her vacations, fun pics with her It Girl squad (the Philippine equivalent to #squadgoals), and beautiful portraits of the amazing makeup job her makeup artists do for her. Just a look at her feed and one can't help say that she's definitely living the life. Plus, she's just so pretty! No wonder, she is the daughter of a former Miss Universe.

Irene Kim

Model Irene Kim is making waves around the world, as she's already been picked as a spokesperson alongside Kendall Jenner for Estée Lauder's color changing line, Estée Edit. Known for her colorfully died ends, the always stylish model's Instagram feed is full of pictorial perfect snaps, behind-the-scenes shots of her fashion shoots, and seemingly un-model like quirky pics. It's great to know that the beautiful are okay with joking around!

Solenn Heussaff

Another of the Philippines' certified It Girls, Solenn Heussaff is a beautiful woman who loves herself and loves to have fun. And, let me tell you, this girl loves her food, too. Her feed is filled with beautiful pictorial pics and then scrumptious food shots. Can it get any better than this?

** Also, this was shot with a smartphone? Are you kidding me?! How can we regular people even compare?

Lizzy of After School

A member of K-pop girl group, After School, Lizzy is not afraid to joke around. Her feed is full of color and has pictorial perfect pics mixed in with some funny snaps!

** Like, what is even happening with her unicorn???

Julia Barretto

The rising It Girl of the new generation, Julia Barretto's Instagram feed gives us serious vacation envy. In addition to her beautiful snaps of the Philippine beaches, her beauty and fashion pics give us some serious inspo of how we should upgrade out Insta-game.

Luna of f(x)

Member of popular K-pop girl group, f(x), Luna's feed gives us a look at the life of a K-pop star with behind-the-scenes work shots, her daily life outside work, and everything and everyone in between. It's real lifestyle inspo!

Janella Salvador

Another rising It Girl of the new generation, young actress with an amazing singing voice Janella Salvador has grown into her own as of late with her Instagram game. The added plus to her feed? It's her silly captions that make you fall for her account! Just another day in the life of beautiful people that are okay with not being serious all of the time. Stay true to yourself, girl!

** Like, seriously, how can her descriptions just not make you smile?

Victoria Song of f(x)

The girls of K-pop girl group f(x) must share their knowledge on how to upkeep their Instagram game!. Victoria is of K-pop's growing non-Korean stars. Her feed is full of her stylish pictorial pics, stylish red carpet outfits, and, best of all, quirky non-staged pics! You're beautiful without makeup and in sweats, girl! Her Instagram feed is even respected outside Asia!

Nadine Lustre

Actress, singer, and style star Nadine Lustre has been making waves in the Philippine entertainment industry for the past few years. It helps she has amazing chemistry with her on-screen-off-screen love team partner James Reid, who happens to be as equally attractive and talented as Nadine! The "Team Reel" is big enough that Western Outlets are taking notice! Her Instagram feed reflects her artsy and stylish self and specially curated by the hot star herself! Some shots may have happened with the help of her love team partner. :D

Nana of After School

The former model and current member of K-pop girl group After School, Nana is well-known for her beauty. She even topped film blogger TC Candler's 100 Most Beautiful Faces list for two straight years in a row. She follows the trend of beautiful people who like to joke around. She as well posts photos from her fashion pictorials.

Arci Munoz

Rising star Arci Munoz has captured the Philippine media with her exquisite natural beauty and growing leading lady prowess. She loves having crazy fun and her feed doesn't hide it.


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