As an author who has to write an article every week, I go through the constant struggle of trying to figuring what to write. I then figured out that this is what I should write about. The following ideas can be used for other articles, essays, and any other fun writing ideas.

1. What kind of flowers people are

I think that this would be a very cool article to write because you could use different pictures of flowers and make them into personalities.

2. How to make the coziest room ever

This would be a fun article to write because you could share what makes your room cozy and the best part about it.

3. Things to make you smile when you're having a bad day

I think that this one would be very important to write because this feels like an everyday thing that happens.

4. When you feel like you're the only one drowning in schoolwork, remember you're not alone

I feel like I can definitly relate to this one because this is a daily struggle I deal with. I feel like I'm constantly drowning in work.

5. The top 10 things to do your freshman year of college

I know that when I was a freshman, I would always look these up to see if I was doing things I was supposed to do. I think that this would be a good one for freshman to read.

6. Killer outfits for any costume party ever

I can think of a few ideas I could do for this article. For example, like a hotdog costume or a tree.

7. A list of the best places to take out someone you barely know

For this you could focus on a date or a friend you've just made.

8. When you're not a glass half full or empty, but a glass in the middle kind of person

I think that this would be a really cool article to write because I think that I am a person who is right in the middle.

9. How to listen to your heart even if you don't know what it's saying

I think that this would be an interesting thing to write about because I think we can all agree that we don't always know what's going on in there.

10. If you can be a plant mom, you can maybe be a dog mom

I think this one would be funny to write because everyone always says that they can barely handle being a dog mom, so how can they be an actual mom.