After racking my brain for article ideas for days, I have come to terms with the fact that I indeed have writer's block. This is not uncommon, as I am not the first or last person who has ever sat down in front of their computer, only to realize that their brain has decided to shut itself off of all creative writing ideas. So, instead of throwing my hands up in defeat and letting this writer's block get the best of me, I decided to dedicate an entire article to the most frustrating part of the writing process.

Before I even began writing, I realized that I had zero ideas in my head as to what I should write about for my weekly odyssey article. Not even a cute and relatable list of "reasons why" came into my head, and frustration began to set in as I realized what was happening. Once you realize that you have writer's block, the only thing that you can even think about is that you have nothing to write about. This feeling is one that I am all to familiar with, and one that I never realize I have until I sit down, put my fingers to my keyboard, and realize that I have absolutely nothing in my head to write about. In my moment of defeat I read numerous articles which gave advice on ways to overcome writer's block in order to come up with an idea for my article (none of which worked). With no idea in sight and about an hour of avoiding responsibilities and flipping between facebook, instagram, and snapchat, it hit me! Write about how you can't think of anything to write about! This moment of epiphany, while it wasn't followed by a flood of amazing article topics, gave me the one thing I needed to begin writing... an idea. Why not write about the thing that is holding me back from writing? I felt as though I defeated the thing holding me back from doing one of the things that I do best, and that feeling is something that I have never felt before when facing writer's block. Not only did I accomplish my goal, I also realized that sometimes, it is okay to admit defeat, and while my aim of writing my article was fulfilled, I became aware that my own failure to come up with an endless quantity of topic points gave me the original idea that I needed.