The Art Of Snake Exposing
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The Art Of Snake Exposing

Kim Kardashian did it best.

The Art Of Snake Exposing
Her Campus

You can hate her or love her, but we all need to put respect on Kim Kardashian's name for setting an example. Not all heroes wear capes. One of the many definitions of a snake, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is "scheming backstabber". Word. A snake is an individual you don't want in your life because they're literally pests plotting your down fall. Life is hard AF as it is and I basically play myself so why do I need someone to do it for me? Some times it's hard to spot these slimy creatures and if you do come across one, how do you catch it? Well, girl (or boy) let me tell you. There are numerous of ways to catch a snake, just keep in mind that timing is the key to success in all situations.

1. Catch them in a lie

Snakes lack common sense and this is where they screw up time after time. Snakes always try to play you and it's like, come on snake, this is getting old. So, to put them in their place you have to catch them in a lie. This is basically just to assert yourself as the dominant force so balance can return to the world. For example, if someone claims they can't hang out with you because they have plans with family then it's cool, just take it for what it is. But if your snake radar starts going off because this is the eighth time they flaked on you then you should do some investigating. Snakes hardly ever remember the lies they hiss and will probably post somewhere on social media of them doing something rather snake like and unrelated to family. They might be out clubbing with another snake or trying to cozy up to your boo thang. Don't take action yet, wait until they come at you for something and then just throw all your evidence at their face. They'll be shook AF and order will be restored once more.

2. Start a rumor

Snakes are messy b*tches who love to cause drama. Let's say you're always telling your "friend" your deep, dark secrets and beg for them to keep their mouths shut. However, your secrets continue to get out. When you confront your "friend" about running their trap they make excuses and blame literally everything else but themselves. To put an end to this mayhem you need to throw yourself under the bus momentarily. Make up something about yourself, like you were born without a belly button, but only tell the snake in question. If you get asked about your absent belly button by someone completely random then you know for sure who spread that rumor.

3. Stalk their favorites

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I do this for everyone by the way, but it's beneficial in seeking out a cold-blooded, fake friend. Snakes like to preach to the public how they hate drama and don't condone gossip. This might have some truth behind it but snakes live for the thrill of it so if you creep in their favorites on Twitter you'll uncover their true beliefs. You don't really have to tell the snake that you know what's up but it's nice to know just so you can take precautions, you know? It's also just fun because who doesn't low key enjoy lurking?

The point in exposing a snake isn't to ruin their life, it's to better yours. There's no logical reason whatsoever to keep someone around who doesn't love or support you. If there is an individual who is just your friend to take advantage of you or just acts like your friend when it conveniences them then tell that person "boi, bye" as soon as possible. You shouldn't surround yourself with company who wants to do you wrong.

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