4 Tips On How To Master The Art Of The Slay
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4 Tips On How To Master The Art Of The Slay

Yas, Queen

4 Tips On How To Master The Art Of The Slay

slay /slā/ (verb) to use one’s intellect, good looks, mad skills, or any combination of the three to absolutely dominate any endeavor one may embark upon

When I first began using the word “slay,” I meant for it to be a funny, ironic thing that I said only occasionally. That, however did not last long before I realized that I could not stop saying it. These days, “slay” is not only an essential part of my vocabulary, but it is also the way I live my life. How is that?, you may wonder. Let me enrich your life with the Art of the Sl*y.

So what exactly does it take to slay? And how do I make it look so easy? Here are some tips for you.

Feign confidence.

It literally doesn’t matter what you’re feeling inside. (Okay, it does, but you can be totally freaked out and still slay if you put your mind to it.) At all times, be looking for reasons to tell yourself, and sometimes others, that you are a deity worthy of love and affection and a whole lot of respect. Worried that people will be turned off by your new attitude? Sure, sometimes you’ll get people who think you’re narcissistic or egotistical, but those are the people that really aren’t picking up what you’re putting down. This is especially true for ladies, because humility is a virtue expected from us. We’re conditioned to find our self-worth in the good things others think of us, not what we think of ourselves. But that’s so dumb. And it’s safe to assume that anyone who is against showing you affection and respect is not someone you want around anyway.

Do what makes you feel like a queen.

It’s more simple than it sounds. Dark, autumnal lips are in style, but if you prefer hot pink, then rock a hot pink lip. Who cares what the style is? Style is always changing and evolving, and spending time worrying about it is kind of a waste of time. It’s just going to change by the time the season changes, anyway.

It’s okay to imitate the slayage of other queens.

Do Bey’s bodysuits give you life? Do you spend your entire chemistry class marvelling at the perfect hair of the girl who sits in front of you? Do you follow a fitness queen on Instagram and you just really want to start working out like her? It’s okay to do that. It may seem like copying, but really, you’re just learning from others. No one would think it was weird if you saw something you didn’t like and decided never to do it, so why should we be against the reverse?

Teach others about the Art of Your Slay (and also, do what you want.)

There will be people who tell you that a certain color doesn’t look good on you, or that they don’t think it’s flattering for you to love yourself so much. These people, 99% of the time, don’t know what they’re talking about, and will change your mind quickly if you take a second to teach them. It’s really simple, too!

Person: I don’t think you should wear dresses that length, it makes your knees look kind of knobby.

You: Are you kidding? I love this dress, and my knees look bomb af!

And just like that, they have been taught that their opinion was unnecessary and irrelevant. (Like...they’re allowed to have an opinion, I guess, but if it’s about the way you look and you disagree, why do they even need to say anything?)

Go forth and slay, my young queens. The world is your oyster, and you are a glittery, beautiful diamond that somehow found it's way in with the pearls.

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