The Art Of Balancing Schoolwork And A Personal Life
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The Art Of Balancing Schoolwork And A Personal Life

There needs to be balance within work itself.

The Art Of Balancing Schoolwork And A Personal Life
Angelique Panagos

As college students, our workload increases as the years go by and so do our responsibilities. It’s not uncommon to hear ourselves and others feel overwhelmed by schoolwork, on top of our personal lives which include friends, family and significant others.

Juniors and seniors are usually on the hunt for internships, which can take up a few days out of their weeks while still attending classes. Perhaps participating in clubs and school organizations are also part of the workload that has to be considered. It’s important to work hard towards your goals, but it’s also essential to remember balance. Here are three tips to help you achieve balance and feel less overwhelmed.

1. Organization Is Key

When there’s a looming feeling of homework to do, tests and quizzes to study for, but you don’t know where to start, you need organization. Creating lists can help ease anxiety and get you working in no time. For more organization tips, read my article on it.

2. Dedicate Time For Your Loved Ones

Any student knows in order for their work to be done, there needs to be time put aside to be productive. Similar to this, time needs to be put aside to be spent with loved one. It’s easy to be consumed by schoolwork that sometimes it may be the only thing you think about. But loved ones are still important. They also need to be acknowledged for more than a few minutes and this can happen through meals, watching shows together and simply talking.

3. Remember Yourself

Even if you have organized your work and have been productive, you may still feel burned out. You must remember about yourself. Your goals are important and motivate you to keep working all the time, but this isn’t healthy. There needs to be balance within work itself. Breaks are good for you: going for a walk, eating a favorite meal, taking a nice shower, talking to a friend, etc. This will keep you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your next big project with a calm mind.

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