"Arrrgh" Acts of Piracy Ok?
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"Arrrgh" Acts of Piracy Ok?

"Arrrgh" Acts of Piracy Ok?

The definition of piracy used in this blog refers to watching movies online on free websites, but not downloading it.

The first reason for piracy, as many argued, is efficiency money-wise and time-wise. A study shows that people between the age of 18 and 29 is more likely to pirate with 29 percent of people in this age group compare to 19% in the general population. People in this age range are usually college students or graduate school students who have low income along with universities’ debt. Piracy is very cost efficient for a frugal lifestyle. However, another study showed that 29 percent of the people with an annual income above $120,000 pirate. These people utilize another form of efficiency: time. Movies and songs are usually not available as CDs for public purchase weeks after the theater release, and it takes a few more weeks after for it to be available to purchase online. Many would opt pirating to enjoy the movie while they have free time. Piracy is also time efficient in that one can significantly reduce time spent going to the nearest Redbox or theater by accessing millions of free movies and songs from technology with WiFi at any time. Also, since the product is free, we can minimize the time selecting a movie or a song, because we won’t risk losing money over bad product.

Another benefit for enjoying free movies and songs, coming solely from an adolescence view point, relates to society’s perception of appropriateness. The contents that today’s teenagers consider appropriate are significantly different from their parents. Many young adults must financially depend on their parents, so the student must notify their parents before spending money on entertainments. In a way, the free movies and songs represent young adults’ freedom.

Furthermore, I believe that movies, songs and literature works should be easily accessible and shareable, because they are means of distributing knowledge. Having movies, songs, and books free will increase views because more people can afford it. These products show the audience many new point of views. Many movies are very informative, and encourage empathy. Movies help audience relate to hardships that others go through or provide a new analysis of something common. For example, The Help is a great product that shows audience what it’s like to be African American in the 1960s. Movies bring humanity for issues. Or the famous Titanic that exemplifies the magnitude of love. Having the movies free and available would increase the number of audience, meaning many will be exposed to new ideas. Others will also feel inspired by beginning artists because they can relate to beginning artists easier than famous artists.

Not just beneficial to the consumer, piracy can also be beneficial to the artist. By having their products available to a wide range of audience, the artist will receive more feedbacks, and if the product is appealing, the artist will gain popularity. The popularity will then open new opportunities for the young, aspiring artist. Singers that started their careers through the internet ar Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance, etc.

On the contrary, the wide availability of art may depreciate arts’ value, because people won’t value the product as much when they get it free. Artists have to work for other producers instead of following their own ideas and path, which reduce diversity in arts. Furthermore, we have to consider the humanity point of view. Young artists usually pour all their passion into their products, and not many artists have the backings they need. Young artists, when release their products, only hope for enough profit for living and continuing their passion. However, piracy dims any chance of profit, which worsen the young artists’ quality of life, eventually leading to the loss of passion. Popular names in Hollywood production also get affected by piracy. If a Hollywood producer spent billions of dollars to make a movie and then generated only half the amount of investment, would he or she continues to make new movies? And the worse thing is, the view generates profits for the pirate website.

The facts are presented, whether piracy is appropriate depends on the reader. The next time you pirate, do keep in mind the young, aspiring artists.I think that to balance out the interests of each side, consumers should opt for renting movies as often as they can. After watching a movie, even by pirating, consumers should purchase a copy of the movie if they enjoyed it to add to their personal library. Also, if consumers encounter a product of a beginning artist that they really liked, they should talk about the product to others with and encourage others to purchase a copy if they enjoyed it.

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