Armenian festival

Richmond witnessed the Armenian festival on the 16th, 17th and 18th of September. There was food, music, dance and fun in the festival. Though it was a small venue, the festival was grand and the place was soon crowded. People of Richmond were enjoying their Friday, Saturday and Sunday celebrating the culture and lifestyle of Armenia. I was lucky to attend this festival on Saturday with friends and we enjoyed it. There were long queues at the food stalls and people thronged the stage and were enjoying the music and dance. The food was delicious and the lines were getting bigger with so many people coming to the festival.

It was good to see the dances where kids and adults performed together and the crowds were enjoying their performance. Baklava and some other delicious sweets were served. I found the food to be a little pricey but it was a good time to indulge once in a while. The Armenian dance groups had incorporated dances from their neighboring countries as well. They performed a dance representing the country Georgia. There were parents and siblings cheering loud for the kids dancing on stage. The desserts were good in the food section and we were searching for coffee which was not available this year. Wine and beer were flowing down the glasses and people were enjoying their food and drinks. It was a nice time to get away from home during the weekend. It was a different experience having Armenian food and listening to their music.

Families and children were having a great time together at the festival. Those who couldn’t attend the festival don’t miss out on it next year. One of our friends met her friends at the festival and it was good interacting with them too. Parking was hard to find since there were so many people who came in to see the festival. Richmond has been home to many festivals such as these and it shows that the city respects different cultures and traditions. I had attended the Richmond Peace festival too a week ago and it was a good experience. Some of the music playing was sounding like European music. Since Armenia is bordering Europe and Asia, it has got cultures from both continents. People were happy and relaxed at the event having fun and enjoying the festival. It was good to see such a large crowd of people at this festival. The dresses used in the dances too were beautiful and bright. The young kids danced so gracefully. We require such festivals to get together and spend time with the community. They had Green beans, hummus and pita bread on the menu and I also tried their Chicken Kebobs. We carried some food home too as it was filling. Next week is Festival of India which is going to be held at the Richmond convention center and I invite all of you to attend this event. Overall, it was a good evening at the Armenian festival.