Abortion is a popular issue with both sides of the spectrum. Liberals generally support it, while conservatives generally are against it. I believe there is truth to both sides of the argument, however, the underlying issue is whether or not a fetus is a person.

Why should the fetus be considered a person? I believe a fetus is a person from conception. To me, there seem to be no other criteria that match well with a person than this. Many arguments stating when it is a person comes from different milestones from pregnancy. The first of which I will discuss is the first heartbeat. While at first, this seems viable, it isn't. If personhood is considered the heartbeat, then people with pacemakers are not people. They lose their personhood just by having a smaller or not developed heart.

The second of these arguments is the first breath. Once again, seems viable, but is not. If a person is in an iron lung, are they dead? Or were they never living? Can I kill them and not be faced with murder? This argument falls flat and does not work in any capacity.

And the final of these types of arguments is the birth of a child. This one is just completely ridiculous. The same people who argue that this is not a person will argue that the murder of a pregnant woman isn't double homicide. I agree that is in fact double homicide because I believe that a fetus is a person.

The biggest argument, however, does not have anything to do with the fetus. My body, my choice. The belief that since it is a woman's body that they have the choice to abort the fetus. However when she is pregnant, she's sharing her body with another being, so it's not solely hers anymore. It all comes down to where you stand on the argument. Either you stand for the developing human or the pregnant woman.

The argument breaks down into an "if this, then that" argument. If it is my body, then it is my choice. But this does not take into account other people besides the woman. The fetus, first of all, is being murdered then never given the opportunity to live. There have been several studies by Pew that men have long periods of grieving, loss of sexual activity, and even erectile dysfunction from an abortion committed by a woman he impregnated.

I believe abortion is abhorrent. One of the few social issues I support the right on is abortion. I believe abortion is murder and I hope I have changed a few minds.