Area Trump Supporters Can't Believe Man Who Campaigned On Lack Of Experience Is Screwing Up

Area Trump Supporters Can't Believe Man Who Campaigned On Lack Of Experience Is Screwing Up

"I thought the fact he doesn't understand government would help him fix the government, or something"


Local supporters of President Donald Trump literally cannot deal with the fact that a man who campaigned on lack of political experience is screwing everything up.

The annoying guys in your Presidency class who supported Trump throughout the primaries really wish the president would work with Congress instead of subtweeting them. The same guys, who previously found the President's erratic Twitter use "entertaining" and necessary to "shake things up," expressed confusion that Trump is behaving the same way he has for years.

When last contacted, the irony was still lost on them.

Good Christians who ignored Trump's history of sexual assault on the .000001 percent chance that Planned Parenthood might be defunded cannot fathom why the President cannot work with his party to actually pass legislation defunding the organization. They did not recall that Trump never outlined a clear plan to defund Planned Parenthood, or any healthcare plan at all, they said.

"But, Hillary," they screamed as they watched their dreams begin to fade.

The guy who passed American Government with a C and now wants to pop off and argue about politics voted for Trump because of his experience in the private sector, but now he "wishes Trump would act more presidential."

"I really like all of his ideas, but I don't like the way he says things," this guy insisted. "I wish he would keep his racism more toned-down and polite, like they did in the 1930s South," he said. "Since he's president, he should talk more like a politician, even though I literally voted for him because I said I was tired of politicians."

A girl who almost never thinks about politics voted for Trump because she thought he'd bring about "much needed change", but now she thinks he's "ineffective."

"I don't know, I guess I just thought the fact he doesn't understand government would somehow help him fix the government?" she said. "I'm literally shocked."

Another man who voted for Trump because he's concerned about ethics in government cannot believe the businessman with no history of ethical behavior would create apparent conflicts of interests with his businesses, or give his daughter a White House advisor role.

Trump voters are dealing with their shock at the president's mistakes in different ways.

Republicans who tentatively voted for Trump only to stop Hillary Clinton are finally beginning to second-guess themselves. After all, the president did just fire the FBI director leading an investigation against him, and this whole thing is clearly going to crap (and contrary to popular belief, hardly any of it is Paul Ryan's fault).

But hardcore Trump supporters still defend the President shamelessly.

"We know he's acting shady and we can't figure out why he keeps screwing things up, but he's still not a typical lying politician. He's bringing much-needed change to D.C.," said a random frat dude sporting a #BigGovernmentSucks T-shirt.

However, random frat dude who thinks #BigGovernmentSucks also thinks the president should "stop tweeting and act more presidential." Like most people, he cannot imagine why a man who campaigned on being, well, non-presidential continues to be just that.

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