Thank you to all the friends who are always there. You know who you are.

These are the friends who are there for you no matter what, good and bad. Thanksgiving is a time we all go home and spend time with our families, but we can’t forget to be thankful for our friend families!

Friend groups all have different dynamics but in many ways, they are the same dynamics of families that you get to choose.

1. There’s the grandma.

She never really goes out, but when she does she’s the coolest grandma out and is a little crazy at that.

2. There’s the grandpa.

He sleeps in, really, really late. Then when he wakes up, he eats whatever he may find in the fridge. On Friday, breakfast may very well be pokey sticks.

3. There’s the mom.

She’s the planner. She has coordinated all the friend trips, and probably Friendsgiving.

4. There’s the dad.

He makes dad jokes at age 22, and you can always find him flipping between the channels.

5. There’s the aunt.

She has brought her dog, and is arguing with dada to change it back from the rival game to the dog show.

6. There’s the aunt’s dog.

This is the dog of the friend group who we all love and offer to walk every day.

7. There’s the uncle.

This is the one who has already set up the brackets for backyard football and is taking it seriously.

8. There’s the child.

At age 22, they still just want to go play games outside, they’ve just added alcohol to football and corn hole.

You may have chosen our friends, but we can’t shake them now because you have created a little family who will always be there. Thanks to all the friends out there.