Yeah, that's a question I ask myself every damn day. Why? Because I'm still in love with you.. duh. Well, you're there and I'm over here... can we meet in the middle?

I felt more safer when I'm with you. Thank you. I felt more myself when I'm with you. Are you still the one? Yeah. Obviously you are because I just feel more myself when you're around.

You're a teddy bear I could hug for hours... I don't know it seems like you're the one. Trust me I'm still finding out who can make me happy! But with things how are, it's me who isn't happy anymore. Take it from someone who was happy being with you.

Everyday is hell being alone, waking up alone and feeling alone in this world without you. I can still smell the smoke from you though it's still me who still smokes... trust me... I never got the chance to tell you, smoking freaking helps. Take it from someone who's not talking to you... and would love you to come back.

Smoking and drinking are the worst habits but you know what? I don't give a fuck anymore, it's my life and I can do whatever I want. Clearly, drinking no. But smoking yeah. So before you judge me, you can judge yourself I guess. I loved you. I still do. You became a better man..

Are you still the one and only man? That's a question in 99 problems and I still question myself. You were part of my heart.. I guess I found you. And had you.. and lost you? And wishing I could do it all over again. For god sake, I don't regret a thing. Maybe you do. But I don't. You're the only person who understood my reasonings for the things I do. You're amazing at what you are and who you are. I miss you.

It feels real that now that you're really gone. And I'm laying in bed alone, without you, knowing that you'll never know the real me, the real heart, and real wifey material.

99 problems and finding love isn't one. Yeah I found you. There isn't gonna be another like you. Trust me, if I could go back and fix everything I could. But I can't. Once the future comes, I'm going to fix what we had and try to figure out how we amend this... because to be honest, I can't move on without closure. And you're the one.

I had a dream... November 24th, 2016. I couldn't sleep at all after that dream. Knowing I was married to you. I mean it FELT REAL. Now, get that I still can't imagine living without you now. And just being with you. Stubborn, we both are.

They say "Don't depend on your woman/man to make you happy.." I wasn't depending on you, but you turned my world around. You were my world.. still are.

Like I said you're still the fricking one!

Still the one? That's my problem...