Are You Practicing What You Preach As A Christian Woman?

Are You Practicing What You Preach As A Christian Woman?

Even if you're not Christian, you most definitely know that christians do not have sex until marriage

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If you're a Christian woman out there, a woman who loves the Lord and goes to church, you know that everyone in your church has most definitely preached on saving sex until marriage. Even if you're not Christian, you most definitely know that Christians do not have sex until marriage. At least, that's what the people at church preach about, am I right? As a Christian, you do get made fun of or may even have comments thrown at you for not being sexually intimate with the person you are dating. Yes, it sucks. Do you care about what other people think? No. I am speaking for myself, though.

Not going to lie, being a Christian and dating someone who is a Christian is extremely hard. There is temptation; there is that feeling of wanting to be intimate with your significant other and it's really hard to date someone for a year and a half and have only "kissed" that person. ESPECIALLY if you love the freaking crap out of them. IT IS NOT EASY PEOPLE. It was never supposed to be easy, and it will never be easy. What you are feeling is actually super-super normal. (If you are reading this and are a Christian) BUT I do believe that God can give you the strength and courage to get through this dating season with purity, and He will reward you a significant amount if you wait for the Wedding night. God loves sex, and He created it for marriage. Don't believe anything otherwise.

As a Christian woman, we should be practicing what we are mentoring and or preaching to others especially when it comes to this topic. And especially if we expect to help younger girls remain pure for their future. We need to be the example. How do we preach purity to a bunch of middle school girls when we could be becoming numb to messing up in our own relationship? We are part of a church body that takes a stand on purity and believes in purity in relationships and in marriage. By no means are we perfect. That is not what I'm getting at. I just find it extremely disappointing to hear that on fire God loving woman confessing now that they were sexually intimate in their relationship before they got married to their partner. They were completely numb to it, or just keeping it in the dark and not bringing their mistake to light. Whether you are single, dating, or married- there is accountability in the church for a reason; to lift woman up, and to encourage them. Not to judge them. It is time to start stepping up as Christian women, raising the bar, setting the standard high, and being a light to our own generation and for future generations to come.

There is a reason for saving sex until marriage. I challenge you to ask for a better understanding or revelation on this topic. For me personally, I want to see a generation of women strong in their identity, confident in the man they love and will marry by not giving into sexual desires based on fear, identity struggles, temptation, or even lust. Let's get one thing clear here... love is so much more than the physical side of things and marriage is so much more than just having sex. Sex is a gift, and it was intended to be worth the wait. It was intended to be earned and won victoriously over. And if you can't see that now, as being a strong Christian yourself, I can't say that you will be prepared enough to know exactly what you are getting yourself into when it comes to jumping into marriage.

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