Are You Emotionally Crazed During Exams For No Reason Whatsoever?

Are You Emotionally Crazed During Exams For No Reason Whatsoever?

Here's the reason.

Jim and Pam from 'The Office'

It seems like every finals week you always have a major life issue with all the feels about some boy. Not to mention your B.F.F. does, too... and even her dog is having relationship issues. What is the problem life has with not wanting to wait until the stress of finals is over to add another stress of personal life onto our minds?

Truth be told it's not life's fault, but it may subconsciously be our own.

I'm serious.

We may be the ones we should be asking, "Why is this happening right now?" to instead of you asking it to your phone as you're walking to your exam.

Time is of the essence; during finals you may feel crunched on time, this may lead to your partner getting to see you less during the week. This obviously makes them feel less appreciated, even though you are not meaning to essentially shun them. You just can't possibly stay focused on your final paper when they're sitting next to you.

You or your partner may be feeling a little anxious during finals which can cause you to feel anxious about nearly everything. It's contagious. You're anxious about your final in a week, which just puts you in that mindset to be anxious about nearly everything. You become a little paranoid about your relationship naturally even though it's usually your rock.

And once you've finally have finished your studies you need your sleep. Your partner may be excited to finally hang out with you since you've emerged from your cubicle, but you literally feel like you could pass out on the floor. You feel like they don't get it, which in turn makes them frustrated too because they're confused why they can't be the arms you pass the flip out in.

Finals put you all off schedule. Your sleep, your eating, your everything is all off and you are probably a little irritable, even if you aren't consciously recognizing it your partner can definitely pick out little snaps of yours.

I've seen it time and time again. Every May and December couples either make it or break it during finals. If you want to make it through this dark time with your lover, then follow these tips.

Respect their time and space. They're just trying to get through the week and they may have a different strategy of surviving than you do. That's okay. A week from now they wont be a finals zombie and you can return to your working relationship.

If you are studying with them, bring a snack to the study session. Also bring water. Food is always a kind gesture, and even if they aren't hungry they'll appreciate your kind thought.

If you leave earlier than them in the morning, leave a little motivational note. If you don't live with them text them a little thinking of you or good luck text. This is a sweet reminder that you are not... not thinking of them and you are there for support.

Finals are one week of pure craziness to pass the test, but ace your relationship while you're at it.

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