The debate on metal straws is one that has the whole nation of millennials divided. Some would say that it is crucial to skip the plastic and go for a reusable metal straw or else you are killing planet earth, while others would argue that this seemingly "extra" act of trying to save this world is just that, "extra." Well, my friend, I am here to convince you of why you should make the switch to a reusable drink-sipping device.

For starters, turtles are dying from plastic waste in the oceans! (As I am sure social media have informed you.) Whether it be straws, plastic bags, or water bottles, it is all clogging up these animal's homes making it very dangerous. Many think that this is all a hoax just for companies to save money on plastic products, and while I am sure that companies appreciate the expense-cut in that area, there are countless stories of turtles and other wildlife being found with straws shoved up their nostrils.

Like with most debates that have two very strong sides, I end up somewhere in the middle with my opinion. No, I do not live a waste-free lifestyle, but I try to reduce my waste all that I can. No, I am not vegan, but I do not want animals to die due to my trash. So, why not use metal straws?

If not for the turtles, do it for the earth. Our oceans and lands are becoming more and more littered with trash and debris. Eventually, our beautiful parks and cities with fresh air and natural aromas will be toxic with our waste. Let's do something about it!

I purchased a pack of 8 metal straws with cleaners and a case on Amazon for $10! If you don't really wanna make the splurge on the straws, just try skipping a straw completely. Get a soda with your meal? Just forget the lid and straw altogether, and drink right from the cup. It's just about making a habit of reducing your waste wherever you can! If you got that down, try bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store! Maybe, try eliminating plastic water bottles and using a metal reusable one!

In the end, it's just about being a good steward of this beautiful earth and the animals on it.

Why not do something good for the planet that we get to call home?