30 Holidays In April You Didn't Know About But Will Want To Celebrate

30 Holidays In April You Didn't Know About But Will Want To Celebrate

Farm animals, lima beans, Winston Churchill, and more!

April isn't just for practical jokes and chocolate bunnies - that's only April 1st. There is something to on every single one of the 29 other days in April, too!

April 1st: April Fool's Day (and Easter this year, too!)

I LOVE April Fool's Day AND Easter, so I am SO excited that they are on the same day this year. Easter themed pranks are so fun to come up with and they are going to be hilarious when I pull them on my family :)

April 2nd: National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

It's peanut butter jelly time

April 3rd: National Chocolate Mousse Day

Did you know you can make chocolate mousse with avocados???

April 4th: National School Librarian Day

Take the time to say thank you to your school librarian. I'm sure he or she will appreciate it greatly!

April 5th: National Deep Dish Pizza Day / National Read a Road Map Day

Let's take a road trip to get a deep dish pizza without using a GPS - only real maps!

April 6th: National Caramel Popcorn Day

I. Love. Caramel Corn. That's all I have to say.

April 7th: National Beer Day / National No Housework Day

I guess all you can do is kick back with a cold one and relax!

April 8th: National Zoo Lover's Day

If there was ever a day for a zoo trip, it's National Zoo Lover's Day!

April 9th: National Winston Churchill Day

Someday, I hope I get a national day in my honor, too.

April 10th: National Farm Animals Day / National Siblings Day

Farm animals and siblings are basically of the same breed, right?

April 11th: National Pet Day / National Barber Shop Quartet Day

Pets and barber shop quartets are awesome, so why not try to combine the two?

April 12th: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Nothing beats a super stringy, crispy, grilled cheesey!

April 13th: National Scrabble Day

Lauren is my name and Scrabble is my game.

April 14th: National Pecan Day

There are many ways to eat pecans - pie form, Keebler Sandies cookie form, Little Debbie pinwheel form, chocolate turtles form, plain nut form - so pick on and eat some!

April 15th: National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

Who doesn't love a juicy ham dinner?

April 16th: National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

You might want to check with your boss before showing up in your onesie.

April 17th: National Haiku Poetry Day

I love poetry

And haikus are cool poems

So this day is cool

April 18th: National Animal Crackers Day

Animal cracker will never go out of style. They are fun to eat, delicious, and a good source of calcium, according to the box!

April 19th: National Garlic Day

The only day that garlic breath is acceptable

April 20th: National Lima Bean Respect Day

I'm not sure if we should be eating Lima beans on their day of respect or just admiring the health benefits they provide - molybdenum, fiber, copper, manganese, folate, phosphorus, protein, etc. - but I'm going to eat them anyway because they are good (and good for you).

April 21st: National Kindergarten Day

Remember being in kindergarten? Those were the days... coloring, snacks, nap time, learning the letters... bring me back to a time when my biggest struggle was velcroing my light up sneakers.

April 22nd: National Earth Day

We should be kind to the Earth every day, but on Earth Day, we should be doing something extra special! Plant a tree, pick up litter along the street, make something cool out of recycled bottles - be creative and eco-friendly!

April 23rd: National Talk Like Shakespeare Day / National Picnic Day

Alloweth us to packeth a picnic and shareth und'r the travelling lamp amidst the green grasses of the academic quad liketh two start cross'd lovers.

April 24th: National Pigs in a Blanket Day

Now here is the question: do you like your "pigs" wrapped in Pillsbury crescent rolls or pancakes???? (I'm team pancake)

April 25th: National Zucchini Bread Day

Fun fact: zucchini bread is a great way to sneak vegetables into someone's diet (@my brother)

April 26th: National Pretzel Day

Soft, crunchy, sourdough, honey wheat, chocolate covered - if it's a pretzel, I'll eat it!

April 27th: National Tell a Story Day

I love telling stories and I love listening to stories... Therefore I already love this day.

April 28th: National Superhero Day

Are you DC or Marvel?

April 29th: National Zipper Day

Does anyone else just find zippers fun?

April 30th: National Oatmeal Cookie Day / National Raisin Day

I'm not ashamed to admit the fact that I am a 20-year-old-grandma nor am I ashamed to admit that oatmeal cookies and raisins are two of my favorite foods. But when you put them together and make oatmeal raisin cookies... now those are just the bee's knees.

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​An Open Letter To The People Who Don’t Tip Their Servers

This one's for you.

Dear Person Who Has No Idea How Much The 0 In The “Tip:" Line Matters,

I want to by asking you a simple question: Why?

Is it because you can't afford it? Is it because you are blind to the fact that the tip you leave is how the waiter/waitress serving you is making their living? Is it because you're just lazy and you “don't feel like it"?

Is it because you think that, while taking care of not only your table but at least three to five others, they took too long bringing you that side of ranch dressing? Or is it just because you're unaware that as a server these people make $2.85 an hour plus TIPS?

The average waiter/waitress is only supposed to be paid $2.13 an hour plus tips according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

That then leaves the waiter/waitress with a paycheck with the numbers **$0.00** and the words “Not a real paycheck." stamped on it. Therefore these men and women completely rely on the tips they make during the week to pay their bills.

So, with that being said, I have a few words for those of you who are ignorant enough to leave without leaving a few dollars in the “tip:" line.

Imagine if you go to work, the night starts off slow, then almost like a bomb went off the entire workplace is chaotic and you can't seem to find a minute to stop and breathe, let alone think about what to do next.

Imagine that you are helping a total of six different groups of people at one time, with each group containing two to 10 people.

Imagine that you are working your ass off to make sure that these customers have the best experience possible. Then you cash them out, you hand them a pen and a receipt, say “Thank you so much! It was a pleasure serving you, have a great day!"

Imagine you walk away to attempt to start one of the 17 other things you need to complete, watch as the group you just thanked leaves, and maybe even wave goodbye.

Imagine you are cleaning up the mess that they have so kindly left behind, you look down at the receipt and realize there's a sad face on the tip line of a $24.83 bill.

Imagine how devastated you feel knowing that you helped these people as much as you could just to have them throw water on the fire you need to complete the night.

Now, realize that whenever you decide not to tip your waitress, this is nine out of 10 times what they go through. I cannot stress enough how important it is for people to realize that this is someone's profession — whether they are a college student, a single mother working their second job of the day, a new dad who needs to pay off the loan he needed to take out to get a safer car for his child, your friend, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, you.

If you cannot afford to tip, do not come out to eat. If you cannot afford the three alcoholic drinks you gulped down, plus your food and a tip do not come out to eat.

If you cannot afford the $10 wings that become half-off on Tuesdays plus that water you asked for, do not come out to eat.

If you cannot see that the person in front of you is working their best to accommodate you, while trying to do the same for the other five tables around you, do not come out to eat. If you cannot realize that the man or woman in front of you is a real person, with their own personal lives and problems and that maybe these problems have led them to be the reason they are standing in front of you, then do not come out to eat.

As a server myself, it kills me to see the people around me being deprived of the money that they were supposed to earn. It kills me to see the three dollars you left on a $40 bill. It kills me that you cannot stand to put yourself in our shoes — as if you're better than us. I wonder if you realize that you single-handedly ruined part of our nights.

I wonder if maybe one day you will be in our shoes, and I hope to God no one treats you how you have treated us. But if they do, then maybe you'll realize how we felt when you left no tip after we gave you our time.

Cover Image Credit: Hailea Shallock

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My Strange Obsession: Bibibop Addition

I am obsessed with Bibibop.


I am obsessed with Bibibop.

Sounds strange, right? But it's true.

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to experience Bibibop, Bibibop is an Asian Grill set up similar to Chipotle. You're able to go down the line of food, choosing a base (always go with the purple rice), hot toppings (they all slap), protein (the tofu is to die for), some cold toppings (a great way to try kale for the first time), and a sauce (if you don't get the Yum Yum sauce, you're weird.)

And, let me tell you, the final product is always delicious.

I hadn't been introduced to Bibibop until this past year, but once I tried it for the first time, I never looked back. Now I am constantly craving the taste of the Yum Yum sauce. I usually hit up Bibibop once every two weeks, but if I was rich, I would probably eat it every other day.

Though, admittedly, the prices are pretty good. And they celebrate meatless Mondays with 20% off to anyone who doesn't get meat in their bowl.

Plus, it's pretty healthy. Unlike most restaurants, like Chipotle, where your somewhat healthy meal can instantly become bad for you with the addition of something on the menu, Bibibop's entire menu provides nutritional value and offers gluten-free and vegan options.

Basically, Bibibop is the most underrated and most delicious restaurant in the world, which is why my obsession with it runs so deep. Although I would usually admit that obsessions are unhealthy, I think this one might be okay.

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