April Fools' Day 2016: A Definitive Ranking
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Politics and Activism

April Fools' Day 2016: A Definitive Ranking

I didn't think of a prank this year, so I chose to live vicariously through these jokesters.

April Fools' Day 2016: A Definitive Ranking

I haven't done an April Fools' Day joke since the year it went horribly wrong. I texted my dad that I fell down the stairs and broke my leg, and when I tried to quickly send "April Fools!" the text would not go through. He rushed out of work panicked and by the time he got the April Fools text it wasn't funny at all. Anyone else who has had a joke spiral out of control knows that April Fools Day pranks can be dangerous.

Back in 2012, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China fell for an article in "The Onion" naming Kim Jong Un the "Sexiest Man Alive" and gave him a congratulatory 55-page photo spread. After being burned too many times, this year China's government banned April Fools. I kid you not. The news agency "Xinua" released the statement: "April Fools’ Day is not consistent with our cultural tradition, or socialist core values. Hope nobody believes in rumors, makes rumors or spreads rumors." Communist China leaders cannot take a joke, but rest of the world did not follow suit.

In a time when it is extremely hard to determine whether something is an April Fools' joke or reality, April Fools' day means more than humiliating someone else or trying to appear funny. My ranking of this year's jokes from politics, business, and around the world will show you that humor is universal, laughter is healthy, creativity is exciting, and April Fools Day is a privilege.


Third Place- Mike Huckabee's Announcement

Huckabee was super proud to "April Fools" this Fox News reporter about reentering the race, but she was far from amused. This election's so crazy that anything seems believable.

Second Place- Ted Cruz's Twitter "Rickrolling"

So, Ted Cruz has been challenging Donald Trump to a debate, but Trump refuses to partake. Cruz decided to tweet “Happy to hear @realDonaldTrump accepted my challenge to debate one-on-one” with a link to the video above. Half way through it cuts to "Never Gonna Give You Up," a classic bait-and-switch act called "Rickrolling." I'm sure Cruz feels super "hip" about this move, but the meme's actually from 2007.

First Place- Donald Trump's Campaign

According to this video, Donald Trump has performed the ultimate April Fools day joke by planning an entire ridiculous campaign just to laugh and withdraw on April 1. April fools! The voiceover mixed with actual clips is so convincing it's downright confusing. Well done, Stephen Colbert. Well done.

New Technology

Honorable Mention- U.S. Army

I thought if anyone could be trusted to be serious it was the Army, but they've got plenty of jokes up their sleeves as well! I would have ranked it higher if it was more believable, but teleportation is still my dream.

Third Place- Google's Mismatched Socks Tracker

"The new bluetooth-enabled socks are fitted with thin LTE beacons around the calf in a visible stripe and you can then press the beacon on the remaining sock to find the missing one – which will play an alert." It sounds like they've got this product practically designed. Why isn't this real?

Second Place- The #SelfieBot

The sad thing is that I think this #selfiebot would be a popular seller.

First Place- ZumbaRoomba

Zumba+Roomba=ZumbaRoomba. Brilliant. It's a party that cleans up after itself.


Honorable Mention- YouTube Snoop-a-vision

YouTube announced a new feature where you can click a button and watch any video along with Snoop Dog. "Finally you can combine 360 immersive viewing with the pioneer in West Coast G-funk Hip Hop."

Third Place- Huludatr

Hulu was tired of "Netflix and Chill" getting all of the action so they made up this fake dating site "Huludatr" that matches you with people who binge watch the same shows as you. Their website even had testimonial videos.

Second Place- ShuberX

"We've uninvented the wheel." I did not expect a philanthropic company like Toms to poke fun at their own "save the world" mentality, but Toms and Uber know that a sense of humor is valuable in any brand.

First Place- Netflix and John Stamos

Netflix designed an elaborate plan. First they released a trailer for a new documentary about John Stamos called "Stamos: A Human Being" that painted him as an egomaniac. Then, they said the documentary was an April Fools' joke and changed all of the categorical titles on Netflix to names that make fun of Stamos. Then in an act of April Fools Day inception, they got Stamos to start a twitter war and "leaked" a video of him storming into the Netflix office, when "April Fools", he was in on the joke all along. This successfully promoted "Fuller House," helped Stamos soften his egocentric reputation, and proved they have way too much time on their hands.


Honorable Mention- Japan

Google Japan's new keyboard designed like a phone touch screen had me fooled until about 1:34 into the commercial. I love the intelligence and intricacy put into this joke!

Third Place- Britain

London's breaking news played on their phrase "Pimm's o'clock" and announced that the Pimm liquor company was advertising on Big Ben. This is such a British move.

Second Place- Australia

Virgin Australia announced the implementation of "Kids Class," an area where kids can hopscotch, color, and kick all of the seats. Why is this not real?

First Place- France (Burger King)

Burger King France advertised new individually wrapped fries. It's amazing how classy and intense Burger King can sound with a French accent! However, I don't think I could ever just eat one fry.

Overall Winner!

1st Place- Hamburger Helper Rap Album

The ultimate winner is Hamburger Helper because they dropped an entire hamburger themed rap album Beyoncé style on SoundCloud and it's shockingly good, but mostly hilarious. Warning, it is labeled: "Parental Advisory: Delicious Content."

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