2019 Is The Year For Keeping Your Personal Life Personal

2019 Is The Year For Keeping Your Personal Life Personal

Start off the new year by spending less time and energy online and keeping it that way.


The age is upon us in which friends, family, and peers are sharing way too many details online. Yes, that includes people of all ages and backgrounds. This is a direct reference to "that guy" or "that girl" that exists in all of our lives. You know exactly who I'm talking about. The one that just HAS to share all of the ingredients that went into their dinner, or all of the tedious details of their relationship status. This may include their every trip to the grocery store, their political persuasion, etc. These are the types of people where, upon seeing a new post by them, you can't stop rolling your eyes or saying "here we go".

Now, to be clear, this type of posting is distinctly different from sharing personal accomplishments, as they are a known source of pride for people. Accomplishment posts are positive and warrant congratulations and praise from others, building a happier community in the process. Occasional family updates are another acceptable source. These differ from negative posting, or the timeless phrase "airing out dirty laundry". There is never a time that this is appropriate for social media, ever. I'm confident that we have successfully moved past our middle school habits, so let's keep them there.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but why do all of your followers need to know what you're doing every second of every day? Maybe I'm stealing from an old Italian value: keep family business within the family. No exceptions. Because the cold truth is this: very few people care. Very few people are online enough to keep up with minute-by-minute updates. Nobody wants to read or feel negative energy in their once or twice-a-day social media checks. If you feel a certain way about a topic and need to rant, as everybody does at some point, do so in a healthy manner. Call your parents or friends, invest in a diary, beat the living tar out of a pillow. Do what you need to do. Just do it without being overbearing. Get off the keyboard.

Ultimately, when you feel that you have something significant to say, ask yourself "Is this necessary or appropriate for my following?" Fulfill your duty in making social media a healthier and more positive atmosphere.

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The Dangers Of Electric Scooters

Lookout for the Limes. Beware the Birds.


They appeared out of nowhere.

I can only imagine a bunch of men dressed in all black showed up in big vans with tinted windows and planted them on grounds in the middle of the night.

And the next day, we were off.

I have to admit, I was slightly terrified by them at first. The traffic. The attention that inevitably comes with a bright green scooter.

But after a few weeks, I found the courage to face my fears, and it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever experienced.

I ride a Lime E-Scooter almost every day. Running late for class? Scooter. Not in the mood for the overcrowded, time-sensitive bus? Scooter. In need of a little pick me up on the way home from a particularly long day? Scooter.

The scooters have become my outlet, my best friends.

But I didn't foresee one daunting factor: the cost.

And no, I don't mean the physical cost when you wipe out and skin a knee. Not all the time I waste running around grounds looking for a scooter instead of getting on a bus or walking. No, I mean the money, baby.

The lime scooter isn't that expensive really. It is only a dollar to get started and then fifteen cents per minute. But, let me tell you, those few dollars and some change add up. I've reached the point where I'm scared to look at my bank account. I have no idea how much money I'm pouring into these e-scooters, but I know that it's way more than I can afford. In fact, at this point, it probably might be more efficient for me to buy a scooter of my own, but the appeal is just not the same.

I love that the scooters are waiting for me around almost every turn. I love that I can drop them off and not bat an eye. I'm obsessed with the ease, the speed, and the wind in my hair. Not even my bright green debit card can change my mind.

Should I stop relying on the Lime E-Scooters so heavily? Probably, yes. Will I? Most definitely not.

So here is a fair warning to you all: be cautious of scooters that appear in the middle of the night. They might just rob your wallet while they light up your life.

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