If you know my brother, you know his personality is nothing short of always a good time. He's the life of the party, a true comedian with a big heart. I can't even begin to explain the gratitude I have knowing he is my brother.

From a young age, my brother and I would fight as if we had just been put in a gauntlet to decide who would come out victorious, but when the going got rough, we were always there to cover each other's backs.

There was a time when we were younger, and we had been playing on this random playground for hours. This place had a bathroom, but they were always locked. I can't remember if my brother had made me laugh or if I had just accidentally done it, but I wet myself. Bad.

As soon as it happened, I was mortified, but my brother stood in front of me under the playset until it dried. I remember feeling so lame for being the girl that wet herself, but ultimately, no one really saw me that day because of my brother standing in front of me.

There was another time where we ended up walking 6.2 miles after trying to go to a party. I wanted to go home, but we were too afraid to have our parents come back and pick us up. We walked in the dead of winter through the brisk night air, all because I wanted to be difficult. I swear, we still plan on getting 6.2 tattoos.

I'm so lucky to have the brother that I have. One of my closest friends has a brother that would put her through hell. If he had seen that she accidentally wet herself, I think he would probably laugh at her instead of standing there with her to make her feel better. My brother is definitely one of my best friends, and I tell him more than some of my girlfriends.

We were sitting on our deck this past summer just exchanging the things we've done this past year, and then randomly, we got into talking about the way that we are as people. It was honestly amazing to hear because if we weren't about two years apart, you would probably think that we're twins.

I always talk about how lucky people with siblings are, you know. It's like you're automatically brought into this world with permanent best friends. I'm so lucky enough to have three, and two angels, too.