Appreciating Life's Struggle

Appreciate every annoying tear of that child,
many carried for 9 months with no positive result.

Appreciate your mother's effort,
She doesn't deserve to suffer for you again after that painful day she visited heaven to bring you to this world.

Appreciate those who used and prosecuted you,
Spending your time to please them taught you to be smart and time wise.

Appreciate those who condemned, Rejected, and discriminated you,
Although, they tore you apart from within, they also taught you to heal.

Appreciate those who mocked you for your being, talents and efforts,
They taught you sense of humor.

Appreciate that person that broke your heart,
They made you cry, made you strong and helped you to understand everything is a risk.

Appreciate those who abused you, and robbed you of your pride,
As a result, you now know anger, law, forgiveness, justice and revenge.

Appreciate that person who listens to you, defends, shows you love and stands by you.
They've been hurt too, probably worse than you have, but they offer their shoulder still.

Appreciate those childhood memories,
Many spent theirs struggling for themselves, hiding and escaping from assaults and never knew what it felt like to be a child.

Appreciate that partner who swears to love you alone daytime and loves 10 others at night,
Now you know when it comes to matters of the heart, words are not as powerful as actions.

Appreciate that dad who yells and teaches you responsibility everyday,
Some dads don't even want to be a part of their child's life.

Appreciate your siblings,
They are like your eyes, if you believe you are better-of without them, you might as well just pluck your eyes out.

Appreciate "the wolves in sheep clothing"
They asking for your all and giving you nothing in return taught you not all, can be trusted.

Appreciate those who appear to be who they really are,
They showed you friendship and trust.

Appreciate your past,
it thought you regrets, mistakes, pain, joy, made you...who you are.

But most importantly...

Appreciate your life now,

Believe it or not,
it makes up who you will be,
it determines your Tomorrow.

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